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All recruiters know how difficult it is to find the right candidate, especially if there are several tens or even hundreds of vacancy responses. In this case, besides the standard resume paper, HR specialists often pay attention to cover letters.  

According to one social study, human resources specialists are much more likely to answer to responses with cover letters, preferring emotional texts. So, in this article, we will discuss how to write winning cover letters, the way it should look, and how these papers can help HR determine the right candidate.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a complimentary letter that is usually attached to various documents, for example, when applying for a job, internship, and scholarship at a university.  

In our case, a cover letter is the only way to attract the attention of the employer among other applicants for the vacancy. Of course, the experience, professional skills, and achievements are valuable, but in many areas, there is too high competition among qualified specialists. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to earn extra chances to win the competition and get an invitation to an interview. Often, if a person does not know how to write such documents on his/her own, he/she seeks the help of a professional cover letter writer

What Cover Letter Allows You to Demonstrate?

This paper helps the employer find out a lot of things about a potential employee:

  • Even if the text is concise, a recruiter can see the writing style and vocabulary of the applicant, check his/her self-presentation skills. For many positions, these qualities are fundamentally important.
  • By a cover letter, HR can evaluate the candidate’s ability to think logically and communicate. Oddly enough, but many people really lack these basic abilities.
  • The motivation letter makes it possible to compare the experience and reality noted in the resume. If in the past a person held some top-level position, and the letter begins with the phrase “Hello everyone! I’m your most ideal employee…”, it is a reason to take a fresh look at the sent resume. 

How to Write a Winning Cover Letter?

Do you need inspiration to start writing? In such case, this step-by-step guide is exactly what you need: Follow the instructions and you will be able to reveal your talent as a writer.

1. Choose the correct intonation, focusing on the description of the posted vacancy. If the text uses colloquial expressions or even emoji – which is often found today – then you can create a cover letter in a similar style. It would be much more appropriate than writing it in an official business format. And vice versa, if the company is engaged in a large business, and the position is not directly related to creative activity, you 100% should not allow yourself any familiarity. 

2. Compliment the company. Everyone loves praise – it’s a fact. So, while writing a cover letter, do not miss the opportunity to highlight the strengths and achievements of the professional team, which you want to join. Thus, you will not only make a compliment for future colleagues but, most importantly, demonstrate that your paper is not “spam.” In other words, you created this text for this particular vacancy.

3. Briefly describe your most significant achievements. It’s not worth saying that in high school, you won the maths olympiad or something similar. You should mention more substantial and respectable information. Tell the future employer about the well-known companies and brands with which you collaborated. Do not forget to mention the figures that you have achieved (in some of your projects). 

4. Indicate people who can give you recommendations. If your former boss is a respected person in the industry, ask him/her for recommendations. All recruiters are very fond of reading these papers. It will definitely add confidence to your personality and make you a more significant candidate. 

5. Do not make your cover letter long and hard to read. It should consist of no more than 2-3 short paragraphs (or 7-8 sentences). Various surveys of HR specialists show that no one even reads the long cover letters to the end, respectively, their authors are rarely called for an interview. We also note that if your resume does not contain a photograph, then it is worth attaching it to the motivation letter. 

6. Order cover letter writer services. If you are serious and want to get the paticular job position, you should not risk it. Not every person knows how to write winning letters, and sometimes, it’s better not to attach anything at all than lousy paper. Thus, if you are not sure, it is better to turn to professionals. Experts in resume writing have many years of experience and know-how to draw up your documents so that you get a 100% interview invitation. Next, it’s up to you!  

5 Reasons Why a Cover Letter is Vital for HR

1. It serves as additional information

Often there are so many applicants that the recruiter can forget the data from the resume within a minute after reading it. The information given in the cover letter is capable, like a bright marker, highlight a candidate from the rest.  

2. Helps weed out unsuitable candidates 

Sometimes selected candidate suites the vacancy by hard skills, but not for soft. Of course, it will be noticeable during the first interview/internship, but why spend valuable time? Write your skills and other relevant information in a cover letter, and do not waste your and HR time.  

3. Helps to take applicants who are not fit at first glance

It can be quite the opposite, when the candidate does not meet the vacancy by the skills in the resume, but the emotional motivational letter did the trick. And as a result, a person was invited to the interview. 

4. Shows creativity

The candidate who spent his/her time and tried to do something creative and unusual deserves the attention of HR. But keep in mind that it not always works. 

5. Proves the candidate’s motivation 

Job seekers often send a standard resume to many companies and wait for a response. But even an inexperienced recruiter will be able to see an irrelevant matching letter. If you decide to write this paper, make it personal (write information about the company) to prove your motivation.

Creating a winning cover letter will not always be easy. It all depends on your writing skills and the company where you send the application. Read our tips and get inspired! In any case, if you are unsure of yourself or are faced with any writing problems, you can always turn to the professional cover letter writer. It will save you time and guarantee an invitation to an interview. Feel free to ask for help!