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  1. Believe in Your Brand: This is the MOST CRITICAL factor, if you do not believe in your product, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!
  2. Define Your Goal: This is an essential question that needs be answered carefully and with a great amount of detail. If you do not have a goal, you cannot measure your progress!
  3. Define Your Audience: It is CRITICAL to be able to define your audience. Who will you follow? What will you tweet? What is the focus of your content?  Who is your ideal follower? What will this account do to help your business grow?
  4. Write a Blog A blog is a great way to attract followers. If you content is interesting, you will attract a good following.
  5. Use Google Analytics: It is important to understand how your website is being used. What pages are being viewed the most! It is also important to identify the geographic areas that visit the most!
  6. Create a Value Page: 180 School Jokes & 101 Pi Day Jokes!
  7. Answer the 5 Important Questions for twitter users! It is important to know why you are using social media. What are the goals of your marketing campaign? How will you measure them.
  8. Create a twitter account: It all starts here! We created a twitter account as the SEO arm of My Town Tutors! We are going to share our SEO Tips with our @SEOMyTownTutor account. This will allow our main account to focus on education, teachers, parents, and tutoring. (0 following, 0 followers)
  9. Carefully Select a Twitter Name: We selected @SEOMyTownTutor. We want people to know that we specialize in SEO and that we are connected with MyTownTutors. Due to limitations of letter by twitter we needed to eliminate the last S.
  10. Write a Mission Tweet: It is important to let your connections understand what your goal is. Be as short, sweet, and concrete with your mission tweets.
  11. Identify the Rockstars: Find the top twitter accounts in your field to learn what separates them from the best.
  12. Add a profile description: We might have an inflated view our ourselves, but the profile informs our followers of who we are and lets them know our mission. We follow teachers and share some SEO tips that have been successful for us! “#1 account for #SEO Tips for small business. We are a #SocailMedia marketing division of @MyTownTutors.”
  13. Don’t Have an Egg on Your Face: We have had several top accounts mention that they were hesitant to follow an “egg account.” This is an account without an image. Find a picture that fits your brand! It is okay to change your image from time to time or from season to season.
  14. Unfollow to Zero (or Start with ZERO followers): It is always great to start with nothing and see an account grow organically. We have tried some very unorthodox approaches to twitter use: EXTREME TWITTER TIPS: Unfollow everyone, DO NOT FOLLOW any accounts, & Just Mission Tweet!
  15. Hire a Mentor: Social Media and twitter is a complicated world that can be simplified by a qualified mentor! For as little as $50 a month, you can work with an experienced social media marketer. You will learn simple tips on how to attract quality connections that can turn into dollars.
  16. Don’t Follow Anyone When 1st starting twitter. It is highly recommended that people limit the number of accounts that you follow. Rookies to twitter get caught up in the number of followers. Don’t worry. Make one strong connection each day!
  17. Celebrate your First Followers! Twitter is a great tool for making connections. If you follow someone tell the world exactly why you are following them. For example, we have a blog listing the Education Account of the Day! On day #4 we tweeted the following! “We are proud to follow! @GeneinLetfordOur #Education account of the day! …#edchat” This tweet is a “shoutout” to@GeneinLetfordletting her know we value her relationship. She will probably RT this and hopefully we will have more twitter followers who might visit our blog!
  18. Take Advantage of Awesome SEO Advertising Opportunity: Advertising with an establish company that can reach your target audience is a great way to increase traffic to your website!
  19. Unfollow 10,000 Twitter Accounts! This is extremely unusual, but we felt this was a good strategy to attract some traffic and allow us to reconsider our marketing and social media strategy! We completed our goal on January 13, 2016. We will start following back on Friday January 15th.
  20. Tweet to Your Audience: To attract followers with a specific focus, share content that is appropriate, inspirational, and engaging.
  21. ONE Connection is Worth 1,000 followers: Too many twitter accounts waste limited resources wasting time following twitter accounts. It is better to share your mission and message with others. Accounts that like your message will follow you!
  22. CAREFULLY Choose the 1st Twitter Follow: This is a defining moment in your social media journey. Who will you follow? Why will you follow? Are you concerned if they follow back? All these are important questions that should be asked before you hit the follow button. If it an influential account and they follow you back you have taken the 1s step to SEO success!
  23. Follow ONE great account each day! Following twitter accounts is about quality not quantity. Pick the best and try to make a solid connection.
  24. Make ONE Solid Connection Each Day! Twitter is all about building STRONG relationships. We would rather make one solid connection that 25 weak connections. These twitter connections can lead to email conversations, phone calls, and hopefully clients and customers.
  25. Identify Your Top 10 Connections: Early in your twitter journey, try to identify the top connections. Who can you count for quality interaction. Quality connections can: Sponsor a Blog, write a guest blog, or share a mission tweet!
  26. Celebrate 100 Followers: 100 followers is a milestone – CELEBRATE! If it takes you one day, one month, or one year, it does not matter. Keep following the SEO Success steps and keep making quality connections.
  27. One GOOD Blog is Worth 10,549 Tweets! Good tweets are in important part of a social media marketing campaign, but a blog creates so much more organic traffic and visitors. Regularly producing high-quality content to a blog can have such a positive impact on a business. Check out 1o1 Pi Day Jokes.
  28. SEO Success: Change with the Seasons: There are special days and events that can all you to make strong connections. We have had some great success with seasonal and holiday jokes. We are always looking for sponsors for these pages!
  29. SEO Success: Follow FREELY for TWO Months: OPTIONAL: We have followed freely for two months to make connections and to get off the ground. We felt we had nothing to lose since this was a secondary twitter account with the only goal of sharing SEO tips. We found we were over-tweeting from @mytowntutors and were coming across as unprofessional. There is no question what the purpose of this account is to share SEO tips. If you are reading this far, we have accomplished our goal!
  30. Identify Your Biggest Influencers! Making quality connections is so important! It is critical to find individials and companies that share your mission. If your company can enroll the support of influential accounts, it will help you grow your business. It is also important to support your top followers as much as you can.
  31. Schedule Tweets with Twuffer: Time is important, so utilizing any tool to make your life easier is critical. Twuffer helps you work smarter not harder. You can take a Twitter Vacation and still share useful content with your followers!
  32. 5 Ways Compliment Your Followers: People like to have nice things said! They also will often retweet the compliment! Be King! Be Kind! Be Kind!
  33. Use TweetGrader to Measure Influence
  34. Establish a Good Following Ratio
  35. 4 Twitter Tips: What to Tweet
  36. Twitter Tip: Use Twuffer to Schedule Tweets
  37. Twitter 101: Google.Docs is AWESOME
  38. Be a Publisher with – Create Great Twitter Content
  39. Attract 250 followers in 1st Month: It is important to attract quality followers early. This allows for more people to hear and share you message.
  40. Who to Follow: Simple Tips
  41. Picking your #1 Account!
  42. Follow One Account Per Day
  43. Picking Your First 52 Accounts to Follow
  44. Follow ONLY 1 Account per Week
  45. Twitter Tip: Don’t Follow Anyone EXCEPT…
  46. Twitter Tip: Establish a Good Following Ratio
  47. Upload a Photo:
  48. Follow Back the Best (and only a few)
  49. Take Advantage of an Extra Day (Top 10 Leap Day Jokes & Top 10 Leap Year Jokes) Our Leap Day jokes page had 1,000+ and is listed on the 1st page of a google search.
  50. Use CrowdFire