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If you are a blogger, online content writer, author, academic writer or any other type of writer, you can use social media to give you inspiration for your writing. This has proven to be one of the most effective ways of making sure that you do not run out of ideas. Knowing where to search, and being active online, will make it easy for you to find the information you need.

Find Content on Twitter

  • Twitter is one of the popular social media sites that both seasoned and aspiring writers can use when looking for ideas. Twitter makes use of short posts that are used to sum up various topics. Find out which topics are being discussed by people and follow their conversations to get more content about what they talk about.

  • When people have discussions about particular topics, you can identify keywords that serve as areas of interest. Such keywords are useful for creating writing concepts that more people will want to read about.

  • If certain questions are being asked in these forums, take the opportunity to answer these questions in your writing and give them the information they seek.

  • Twitter is a suitable option for writers who want to be able to keep up with different discussions being held online. Use search words and phrases to help you identify certain niches and specialists in different areas.

  • Certain keywords will enable you to identify social media influencers that you can use to generate content for your work.

  • You can also use keywords to find specific topics. After identifying influential social media users and popular topics, make sure you monitor what is being talked about.


Facebook is also a useful resource of information that you can use to keep up with different topics. Monitor various status updates through sites that let you know what is happening on different pages and profiles.

You have the option of searching for questions or phrases depending on the type of results you want to get. After typing in your search words, you will be able to access the status updates that contain those particular words. There are plenty of services that provide users free essay samples.

Facebook essay writing communities are essential for a student’s academic success. Essays serve as an indication of a student’s progress and comprehension of various topics. Students get the opportunity to independently carry out research that enables them to compile insightful essays. Essay writing services like give free access to essay samples which makes it easier for students to write papers successfully and boost their grades.

Use Questions on LinkedIn

Take advantage of your professional LinkedIn account to find out the questions being asked within the industry that is relevant to you. The search bars on the site make it possible for you to use keywords to carry out your searches. Asking and answering questions or giving your feedback is a good way for you to get ideas for your articles.

Search for Niche and Popular Topics

Depending on the type of industry, you may be required to focus on specified areas. Use search engines such as Google to help you find the networks that are relevant to your industry. As a writer, you may want to cover an array of topics or socialize in topics that your audience is most likely to be interested in.

Being aware of which topics are most popular involves finding out what is trending on the internet. Social media provides you with the tools you need to get inspiration and be constantly aware of the most popular topics.