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Author Bio: Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

Children are always open to new knowledge, especially if you managed to wrap them in the form of an exciting game. Use this feature of children’s perception to teach your children to survive in the wild. Do you think this skill will be superfluous? Then it will be useful for you to find out that 2,000 people are lost in the forest every year, even with mobile phones and a smartwatch. We have compiled this guide so that you can easily teach your child how to survive in unusual conditions, but above all, train under your guidance at the campsite.

Show the Example of Clear Mind

It is impossible to survive without clear thinking  – teach your kids that no situation can be a problem if you are mentally prepared for it. To do this, you first need to make sure that you yourself are ready for the conditions of camping. Very often, adults who are used to living in the comforts of civilization do not know how to act in conditions close to nature.

Therefore, in order to teach your children clarity of thinking while camping and away from a comfortable home, you first need to make sure that your thinking is clear enough. Think over all possible little things and unexpected situations. Find solutions to possible problems in advance so that your child always sees an example of the correct response and the result of careful planning.

Create the Fire Together

It is very easy to get it if you have matches and dry wood but it will be more useful to teach your kids some tricks while you are camping. Primitive people did fine without matches, lighters, and even flint. Your child will also like to find out how to create fire with his bare hands. Be sure to tell him about the most primitive method of friction, which will always be real salvation if you have absolutely nothing at hand.

And also tell the children what things can facilitate the task – for example, explain a theory of the sunlight refraction and show how you can create a fire with a lens or a magnifying glass. In addition, there are many other very original ways to get a bonfire – for example, using a can of Coca-Cola and chocolate or toothpaste.

Teach What Food Is Edible

People can survive without food for a long time, but in critical conditions, it is still better to know how to safely support your body. Therefore, start exploring the edible and inedible natural gifts of your area before setting off for camping. The best and most interesting way is to buy an encyclopedia of natural history to read and view pictures with your child. And watch the YouTube videos, of course.

In addition, be sure to ask the child to repeat what he remembered and name the main signs of edible and inedible food. Be sure to explain to the child that some mushrooms may be false-edible. While camping, pay attention to the herbs, berries, and mushrooms around and discuss together whether they are edible or non-edible.

Show Your Kids How to Find or Get Freshwater

A person can survive without food for a long time, but the situation is a little more critical when it comes to water. Pure water is the foundation of survival. The ability to find clean water is even more important than the ability to get fire or indicate the direction with a compass. Therefore, explain and show your kids how to make rainwater safe, and how to look for clean streams in the forest. The easiest way to clean water is by boiling – however, it will only work if you have a refractory water tank.

  • Tell your child that it is possible to purify the water by pouring it into a plastic bag and hanging it in direct sunlight.
  • Show how to strain water through a gauze cloth to clean it of sand and dirt.
  • It is also possible to purify water using plants of antiseptic action, such as chamomile or using coal from a fire.

Make Sure Your Kids Know How to Use a Compass

Practice at home first, and carefully explain to them what sins to follow and in what direction to move to get to the civilization if you have a compass but you are lost in the forest. In fact, experienced tourists always recommend navigating north in an unfamiliar forest. Then the west will be on the left, and the east on the right. Accordingly, moving all the time to the north, you can then easily return back to the south.

If you need to navigate the area more accurately, you still have to determine the azimuth, and ideally use a map. By the way, if you have some difficulties with academic assignments on geography, feel free to seek help on Alltopreviews or Topwritingreviews custom writing websites. 

Build a Shelter Together

Your kids will adore this idea, just turn it into a game. All children just love to build shelters. You have probably seen many times how your child builds a mini house with the help of chairs, pillows, and blankets. Children love miniature houses, huts, and wigwams, and there is even a psychological explanation for this. Building a personal shelter, the child learns to defend his personal space, and the house itself becomes a place for the formation of additional confidence in the world and life.

In the wild, shelter becomes another condition for survival.

  • Teach your child to build a hut out of sturdy sticks and leaves. Show how to use the knife in a safe way.
  • And of course, let him invite new friends from the campsite to his house – let it be not only one of the wilderness survival activities but also an interesting survival game for kids.

Provide Your Kids With a Signaling Tool

And explain how to use it – for example, three puffs in the whistle at maximum volume may mean that the kid is lost. In addition, be sure to tell your child that it is possible to send a distress signal in different ways – for example, using a car horn, a flashlight in the dark, or by laying out large SOS messages from branches in an open area.


It would seem that civilization saved us from the need to survive in the style of primitive people. Although, just the rules of survival have changed. However, the ability to swim, provide first aid, and drive a car can be decisive in an emergency. Be sure to teach your child all of these skills after you have mastered survival tips in safe camping.