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It’s a very common problem for a lot of students studying in College at the moment. You’re trying your best to be a super productive student, getting everything done on time and to the best quality. When, all of a sudden, you start sitting down at your laptop or your piece of paper and drawing a blank. When you try and think of some interesting things to write, nothing seems to ameliorate in your head. And the more you try, the more you start to draw a blank! As was mentioned, this is a common problem for College students, and there is no need to worry. But having a writing problem can really derail your University experience and have a very detrimental effect on your education. But, don’t worry! There are methods you can implement that will help you to blow away the cobwebs of your writing, and help you to produce amazing content of a fantastic quality all the time! Just follow these steps and try to implement them in your writing practice. You will find that your writing improves very quickly!


Yes it may sound like the simplest thing to do, but you’d be surprised how little students actually sit down and read, just to read! You can get caught up in reading for the simple reason of educating yourself. This can gradually turn reading into a painful ordeal that you do not look forward to, and this definitely affects your ability to write. So, if you have some spare time in your evenings or on the weekend, pick up an interesting book and start reading! It can be whatever you like to read: science fiction, romance, and thriller, absolutely anything! If you give it enough of your concentration, you will find you start to become encapsulated in that book. Whilst this is happening, your brain will begin to realise and understand what exactly it takes to write interesting material. It will remember techniques that the book uses in order to engage your attention. It should really go without saying that reading more helps you to write, but a lot of students often forget it!

Get support

The number one thing that students attending college need to realise is that getting support and help with your studies is not admitting defeat or succumbing to failure. Knowing when to ask for support is a very important thing, because later on in life you will definitely come up against challenges that require collaboration. Support can come in a number of different ways, you can ask your friends or family to take a look at your work and suggest ways in which to make it more interesting and engaging. Doing this will allow a fresh set of eyes to see your work and interpret in a way that you might not have, and this is essential if you are to create a well-rounded piece of writing. You can also find support online at sites like PapersOwl for example. Sites like this assign you someone to help write your essay, and can provide support with language, structure, quotes and just about anything else you can think of! These methods of support allow a third party to assess your work, and (based on who you pick to critique your work) they will definitely uproot any issues or problems with your writing that you might not have realised.

Write every sentence one at a time

It can be very easy to let your writing run off with itself. Especially if you have a time limit for the particular work you have to get in. But it is essential that you read and assess every sentence that your write. Only when a sentence makes sense on its own, can you move on to writing the next one. So many students are good writers, but lack patience and diligence when it comes to checking their work. But, don’t let this be your downfall when it comes to writing. Check every sentence!

It is very easy to lose focus when writing at College, you do so much writing day after day, that after a while it can feel like what you are writing is bland and senseless. But if you implement some of these tips, you will find that your writing really does improve! So read an interesting book, ask for support when you need it, and take your writing one sentence at a time!