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There’s a great quote by a renowned American educator, businessman, and author Stephen Covey:

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”

Time is a resource to be used, and when used efficiently, a person can achieve great results. But as with any resource, there’s a necessity to invest it in, in other words, to make it available and useful. First of all, there’s a need to make time, which can later be used to execute crucial tasks.

We’ve monitored the sudden necessity to work from home closely and how it affects productivity and decided to make a short list of applications that might be useful for people in quarantine, with an additional twist to online safety, which is especially important in our digital age.

So if you want to kill two birds with one stone – win some extra time and increase online security – read on to see our recommendations for a password manager, a time-saving web-browser, a time management App, and more. Let’s dive in.

Why are time management and cybersecurity important?

At first glance, you may ask what online safety has to do with time management? Apparently – a lot. There’s research by the Environment, health, and safety organization that reveals a correlation between productivity and work safety. As you might’ve guessed, the former is influenced by the latter, and workers who don’t feel safe suffer in productivity. And vice versa, less engaged workers are more likely to suffer an accident.

Even though the research talks about the physical environment and physical injuries, in the last few decades, it came to light that online safety is just as important. One way or another, we are doing tons of shopping online, sharing our private details, conversing with friends… we practically do everything online!

Following the same logic, we can deduce that online safety and productivity are also related. A person who’s working online but doesn’t feel safe there will have a hard time coping with urgent tasks, may spend more time worrying than working, and may make foolish mistakes in stressful circumstances. 

And it’s especially relevant during the quarantine. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, alerted that cybercrime in the EU has increased during the Covid-19 crisis.

And this is a global problem. With so many workers doing their job at home, they had to leave workplaces that had proper security measurements. Home network security became paramount.

For most, it’s hard to work from home in the first place, but it’s even harder when you’re under stress worrying about your online safety. That’s why we picked a few software recommendations that will help to secure yourself online. And took an extra step to recommend those that will also save you some time.

Let’s get into recommendations!

Time-saving, secure web browser

A web browser is your gateway to the Internet. There are lots to choose from, and they offer different features and comfort. Google Chrome, the most popular web browser nowadays, has excellent integration with Google social platforms but is known for excessive data-gathering and excessive Ads. Firefox Mozilla, another popular browser, on the other hand, is more privacy-friendly, but sometimes suffers from low speeds.

We want to offer an alternative to most popular web browsers.

Brave browser is created by Brave software by CTO Brian Bondy and CEO Brendan Eich. Brendan is a very well known persona in IT because he’s the creator of JavaScript coding language, one of the most popular coding languages out there. He was also CEO of Mozilla corporation, so web browsers are his bread and butter.

The brave browser was developed with online safety and browsing comfort in mind. It has an unbuilt AdBlocker, forces HTTPS on every web page (applies additional encryption to unsecured channels), and disables as many online trackers as possible. 

This contributes to online safety, but also makes the browsing experience a more comfortable one. Ads do take a lot of time to load up, and you needlessly spend a few seconds waiting for the page to load. Trackers also require web browser resources, so your computer simply works more slowly with them.

Furthermore, Brave offers an elaborate settings customization feature, so you can configure this browser to work precisely the way you want to. Don’t want third-party cookies? Block them. Maybe you want some webpages excluded and display Ads? You can do that too. 

So with Brave, you can get a web-browser that is as comfortable as the most popular Chrome, but with additional safety features in it. And it will also display you the statistics how many hours have you saved with decreased loading time, which is 7.7 hours for me in nearly one year of use!

TMetric time management App

When working under an intense schedule and numerous tasks, even for the best of us, it’s hard to keep track of everything. And a distracted worker is more likely to make mistakes, which can lead to serious accidents and even financial harm.

The TMetric application is easy to navigate and can be used by freelancers and 2 – 100 people teams. It’s available in English, Russian, and German languages, and works well with other software like Asana, GitHub, GitLab, Zendesk, and many more.

Via the Metric application, you’ll be able to get the detailed time and money reports, see your workday on a timeline, set a budget for your projects, calculate employees paid time off and more. It is user-friendly, and you can quickly locate each function you need. After all, a time management App should not consume too much of your time!

Password managers

Password managers are tremendously comfortable, and once you’ve started using one, it’ll be hard to switch back.

First of all, a password manager allows you to have multiple, complex, and secure passwords for each one of your services. It’s impossible to remember hundreds if not more different passwords, let alone complex ones. With a password manager like NordPass, you won’t have to – it will keep them all secure in an encrypted vault.

When it comes to saving time, password managers also contribute. Most of them have an autofill function, which means you won’t have to type any passwords by hand, which is frustrating and time-consuming. With one mouse-click you’ll autofill a long password in a fraction of a second, and can go directly to the stuff you wanted to do.

Furthermore, it has a password generator, which you can customize to create strong passwords, so you can put your mind to some other, more productive work.

These three applications will significantly improve your time management, and you’ll notice you have several extra moments each day. Furthermore, you’ll also be more secure online, and in times like these, it’s of utmost importance.