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It is not always possible for students to successfully pass all exams at the first attempt. Even the most responsible and prepared student is not immune to failure. Banal depression, stress, fear or a sleepless night can provoke “amnesia”. Therefore, you should not be squeamish about “debtors”. Sometimes the reason for their failure is not weak preparation for the upcoming test, or its complete absence, but other factors.

It is not easy to prepare for exams. You need to find all the lectures and seminars, prepare answers to exam questions, pass the course and control work, overcome the credit week and get an admission. Only after that can you start “cramming” for exam subjects. Many students simply pay for essay or homework and don’t prepare, but not everyone manages to cope with the problems and consequences.

So what do you do if a student fails an exam? Actually, life doesn’t end there. Everyone has a chance to “rehabilitate”. Today we will tell you how to do it and who can take advantage of this opportunity.

Recommendations of experienced students

With what to start “rehabilitation” after failing an exam?

You should not run to the teacher the very next day after “failing” to retake the exam. It is better to first continue taking the remaining exams as scheduled, and then proceed to retake the formed academic debt.

Options for retaking the session

Passing current exams and retaking “failures” in parallel can have a negative impact on both academic performance and the psychological and physical state of the student. He will have to prepare for several exams in parallel, overload his body, and not sleep enough.

In most cases the dean’s office does not allow you to eliminate debts during the session. This option is possible formally, if the student agrees with the teacher, but the mark will be given to him only after the session is closed.

To retake the exam, the student needs to contact the dean’s office or lab technicians on the day of retake to get the so-called “runner”. Without this document the retake will not take place. The “runner” serves as permission to retake the exam, with a “fail” on the transcript. If a student fails to appear for an unexcused absence, he or she will not be allowed to retake the exam.

How many times can I retake a course?

If you think that your school will pull up your marks, indulge you, and hold “retake” courses indefinitely, you are deeply mistaken. The number of retakes for exams and tests is limited.

How many attempts does a student have to retake an exam?

No more than three times you may retake the same course in the form of an exam. The first attempt is on the day of the examination (the very first attempt). The second is on the day of elimination of arrears, which is set immediately after the end of the session. Usually the administration of the university allocates for this 3-7 days after the last exam on the schedule. The days of debt elimination are also reflected in the schedule. The third (or last) attempt is held during the next semester (but strictly before the new session), the exam will be taken by a special commission.

Note that the number of examinations allowed for retake, may not exceed 3. That is, a student can “fail” no more than three exams and stay “afloat”. The main thing is to retake them in time, so as not to be expelled from high school for failure.

In what cases is it possible to retake the exam?

Retake exams are possible in two cases: in case of failure during the session and in order to improve the grade.

When a student has the right to retake it?

The first option is inevitable for those who suddenly formed an academic debt. The main thing is to liquidate it before the end of the next semester and the beginning of a new session.

The second option is appropriate only for graduates of universities or colleges. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to take advantage of this opportunity to improve his average diploma score. Most often, retaking the exam administration allows only those whose diploma spoils the whole picture with several unsatisfactory marks. It is not possible to pass from 4 to 5.

To be allowed to retake to improve the grade, the student must apply to the dean’s office and attach the appropriate application.

Keep in mind that regardless of whether the retake is due to “failure” or to raise the grade, the student must justify the reason for the retake. If there is a valid reason, it should be documented.

All results of retake exams are recorded in the “runner” and the examination sheet. The final mark must be stamped in the course/grade book and on the transcript.

Advice from experienced students

Do not take the retake lightly. Try to be fully prepared for it. The teacher has no goal to “fail” the student, but at the same time he should objectively assess the level of his knowledge and skills.

Establish a friendly relationship with all teachers, so that during the retake not to encounter bias.

A retake is the same exam, only it is the second or third (final) time. The student will have extra time to prepare for it. It is important to consider your past mistakes and not make them again.