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College years are a defining and unique experience that is worth living regardless of the many challenges it comes with. Their otherness is so significant that those who attend college often return to the memory of these years joyfully. 

However, going through college years successfully from both an academic and a personal point of view is more often than not a challenging task. There is a lot of new information to absorb and digest, exams to pass, and then many personal experiences that one should not miss out. 

Catering to your exam-related needs without neglecting your personal life is not unattainable, though. With a few tips and tricks, you can pass your exams successfully while still enjoying various free-time activities and achieving personal goals. 

Learn how to manage your time

Time and focus are essential when it comes to how well you perform at school. By scheduling your tasks ahead, you avoid finding yourself right before your exams with unfinished projects and lots of studying material left unread. 

It is easy to think that there’s enough time to get ready for your exam only to discover that there are only a few days left until your finals and heaps of books still waiting to be studied. Therefore, in order to avoid such unpleasant events, divide your study time and create a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. 

Creating it is not enough. You also need to stick to it and make a habit of dedicating some of your daily free time to studying. It is easier to complete smaller tasks and absorb new information gradually. 

Think of it this way: you can study one hour per day and thus cover all of your study material until your exam. Trying to cover everything you need to study in a just a couple of days before the exam is often, if not always, unsuccessful. 

Create a study-friendly environment

Time management skills will not only help you study for your exams but also complete a variety of tasks throughout life. Now, once you’ve created your study schedule, you also need to make sure that the time you want to dedicate to studying is free of distractions. Therefore, create a study-friendly environment. 

If you often find yourself checking your social media accounts, you might want to disconnect from your devices. Your notifications will be there after you’ve finished studying. So, you can check them out then without feeling guilty that you’re procrastinating. Try to eliminate the things that could interfere with your studying. 

Plus, to maximize your performance, absorb the new information, and save time, seize your classes to learn more. Pay attention to what your teacher says and participate by asking any questions you might have or answering those the teacher comes up with. 

Quench your curiosities by looking for answers. Use your classes, teacher’s information, and online resources to learn. If you’re studying animals and you want to know more about rabbits and watermelon, don’t hold back from asking about them. Plus, take notes effectively and review them whenever you feel like you’ve forgotten something. 

Don’t forget to disconnect and have your bit of fun during college

To perform well at school and avoid burnout, you need to regularly break your studying routine or do so whenever you feel the need to. Give your mind and body the rest they need to function well. Don’t forget about having your bit of fun and experience the beautiful moments of college from a personal point of view as well. 

Neglecting this part of your life may trigger frustrations that will then affect your academic performance. Balance is thus essential. Having both your academic and personal needs covered can only lead to positive results as long as you know where to draw a line and you cater to them equally.