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If you are thinking of pursuing a career in law, you have to be prepared for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This is an entrance exam for the United States law schools as well as abroad. It’s taken in order to assess the capability and the student’s academic standing in the legal field. 

The LSAT is used as one of the elements for the admission process. The exam is basically used as a tool in the admission procedure; it helps the admissions officers to judge the potential candidates that are willing to take admission into law schools.


Here are some of the best tips:

Know the Test Format

The LSAT is divided into multiple sections, each of which consists of multiple-choice questions with multiple answers. Each question can take several minutes and is accompanied by a list of correct answers as well as a list of incorrect answers. The multiple-choice part of the test will be covered if you’ve passed the first part of the test. The basic format of the test comprises five multiple-choice sections, and the graded four sections are listed below.

  • Logical reasoning (two sections)
  • Analytical reasoning (one section)
  • Reading comprehension (one section)

The test consists of four parts:

  • Core
  • Oral
  • Quantitative
  • Writing

There are many questions that cover different areas of law. According to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), the test is currently fully digital, wherein the test is to be taken in a tablet with a stylus. The overall duration of the test may take around 4 hours, including breaks, administration time, and 35 minutes allotted for each multiple-choice section.

Choose the Best Study Material

Once you know the format of the test and it will proceed, it’s time to select the best study material you can review and gain knowledge from. There are many resources for you to choose from but don’t merely settle for anything short of the best. Remember that you’ll be spending so much time studying for this exam, so you wouldn’t want to waste your time using resources that are outdated or that aren’t even good.

It is essential that you secure prep books to help you do well on the LSAT, and these books should be the most up-to-date edition. Also, it would be helpful to get copies of previously administered LSATs from online sources.

If you can get your hands on questions with answers and explanations, the better. The key here isn’t for you to memorize the questions but to familiarize them. Who knows, some of these questions might come up on your exam. More importantly, the purpose of having previous test copies is for you to simulate the test conditions by answering a complete set of tests. Practice answering the tests under time pressure until you get comfortable and develop practices that help you answer quickly and efficiently. That way, the exam day itself won’t be the very first time that you’ll come face-to-face with the LSAT questions and formats, so the adjustment and anxiety will be lesser on your part.

A very good tip for you to remember here is to choose the resources that can help you achieve your desired LSAT score. Remember that every university might have its own passing requirements, so this is also something that you’ll have to familiarize yourself with. Visit College Consensus to learn more about these different universities.

Register for the LSAT

As soon as you are able to secure your study material and familiarize the test flow, it’s time to pick a test date that works best for you. Registering for the test with the LSAT effectively puts you on study mode because you will be provided a definite test date and schedule. You’ll be able to plan out your study sessions and review dates and you can strengthen your resolve to decline invitations for trips, travels, and hangouts. 

Systematize Your Study Time

In connection with your registration for the LSAT, your ideal schedule should be at least 2 months in advance. If you can make the test schedule to be 3 months ahead, the better. From here on, mark your calendar or your planner with your study schedules. You need to dedicate 2 to 3 hours of study a day and allocate 4 to 5 days of the week for study, practice, and other preparations. Have a mindset of a student studying for a subject for a full semester and preparing for the final examination. Ensuring your success in the LSAT depends on how effectively you manage your time for studying and other related preparations for the test. Procrastination is a dangerous enemy when it comes to exam preparations, and preparing a study time block is a good way of keeping your study habits intact until the day of the test.


Get Yourself Organized

Now’s not the time for you to be the messy self that you are. Apart from systematizing your study time, also get yourself organized. This means keeping your study area neat, with all your materials nearby. Stimulate the study environment that can help you. The more clutter you have in your study space, the harder it can be for you to focus. You wouldn’t want to waste valuable time day-dreaming or looking at all the clutter that you may be itching to clean up.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to succeeding in the LSAT. For those who want to succeed in this prestigious rite of passage, your preparations should be tailor-fit to your lifestyle and personality. Extra effort and diligence are also needed to make a winning personal formula in preparing and acing your LSAT.