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In the early 1990s, there were a lot of changes in the real estate industry. To strengthen real estate management and insurance supervision, improve professional quality and promote the healthy development of the industry, Beijing Municipal People’s Government promulgated on December 10th, 1991 that “the master plan for the development of housing security profession,” forming a set of standards for housing security professionals. 

According to this standard, it has been clearly stated that only those who have attained junior professional qualifications or senior professional titles can be called senior housing security professionals or senior housing security managers. According to relevant provisions, a person who has earned at least one junior professional title may apply for examination after September 1st, 1993; an ordinary manager may apply for examination after March 1st, 1994; and an administrative manager may apply for examination after June 1st, 1994. After 1994 when these provisions came into force, the number of housing security managers in Beijing increased rapidly every year. click here for RIBO exam questions

RIBO certification

Among them, some people have obtained RIBO certification, which can pass the exam successfully. They are the most trusted by companies because they possess good professional knowledge and RIBO s that you know how to do things correctly in your work with real estate management and insurance supervision in China. The more successful cases you hear about this kind of thing, the more you want to take advantage of it, so come on! There is no lack of senior rental security managers in Beijing, so wait for you to come and give yourself a chance.

To meet the needs of internal managers in real estate security, the Perfect RIBO Training Center is set up by people who understand issues in housing security. The Training will help you pass the exam successfully.

Why do many companies want their employees to pass the exams? First, it can demonstrate their own company’s ability and strength; second, they have good professional knowledge and practical ability; third, companies trust them because they know how to do things correctly with real estate management and insurance supervision. It has been proved that when an employee passes this certification test, they will get a promotion faster than before. If you want to be promoted, you must pass this exam. Why do some companies offer a reward for managers who have passed this certification test? Because they know that the company will be more efficient after these people take office.

Employees should know the importance of passing the exams. According to statistics, 70% of employees in Beijing responded that they knew about it, while 27% said they had heard about it but did not really understand what it was all about. We believe that you are one of this 27%. If so, please come here and learn RIBO from us.

The best way is to review relevant knowledge before taking an exam. So we need a Perfect RIBO Training Center to help students study for the RIBO Certification Exam!