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How to make content marketing strategies for your medium blog

Content marketing is making a difference in the search engines or, more precisely, Google’s era. Now the content’s quality holds the center stage to rank on the search engine’s first page. Not only will you be attracting more traffic with the help of your content, but you also retain and convert the visitors into customers.

If you craft unique content, and Medium’s ever-evolving quality-oriented algorithm ensures it. This quality-focused algorithm attracts innovative marketers to build their brand. Attracting and retaining traffic will help you make your own identity and build your brand value by associating their brand with high-quality content. Creating high-quality content is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, investment, and effort. Digital marketing has influenced the fate of many emerging businesses.

The role of digital marketing strategies is essentially a difference-maker when it comes to driving online sales and receiving traffic. Latest platforms like Medium have reshaped how content marketing strategies were shaped previously. Blogging seemed outdated a year ago, but the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a rise in blogging. According to a survey, the number of bloggers in America will cross the 3 million mark by the end of 2020.

In so much saturation, how can one rank his/ her content higher? How the quality content get recognition even if it’s well-optimized? The answer might not seem obvious, but it sure is effective. A great way to gain recognition is by publishing your content on a third-party website like Medium.

How and why Medium should be your go-to platform

Leading educational platforms like Research Prospect has achieved tremendous success by utilizing the ranking algorithm of Medium. Its inception medium has focused on promoting budding authors with a knack for crafting exclusive stories and content. The focus on content’s quality eliminates the optimization competition, the author’s reputation, and other factors.  The co-founder of Medium, Ev Williams, explains how the website ranks the blogs published on Medium. He states:

“What we’re doing is ordering things by our best guess of the relative quality/interestingness of the different items—according to the people who have seen them… It’s not a direct popularity ranking. It takes in a variety of factors, including whether or not a post seems actually to have been read (not just clicked on) and whether people click the “Recommend” button at the bottom of posts. The ratio of people who view it, who read it, and who read it and recommend it is essential, not just the number. (This is an attempt to level off the playing field for those who don’t already have large followings and a penchant for writing click-bait headlines.)”

If you craft unique content, you will be rewarded for it, and Medium’s ever-evolving quality-oriented algorithm ensures it. This quality-focused ranking algorithm attracts innovative marketers to build their brand value by associating their brand with high-quality content. 

Republish your Content on Medium

Republishing content allows the old content to regain recognition by exposing it to a new audience. Simply refreshing the old content can help gain traffic immediately. The benefits include awareness of the brand and positively affect SEO and visibility of the content. 

On Medium, you can’t just post everything. The things that are not educational are likely prohibited on this platform. Promotional content is not allowed to publish. So, it is good to keep it in mind while working on Medium or creating a blog there. 

The first thing you need to know is to make sure that publishing is made at the right place if you are multiple publications. You can go to your profile and choose the publication where you want to create a new story. Select ‘import a story’ to add the existing post by inserting the URL. That will copy the whole of the article, including links, and will also be able to edit it before publishing. Images are not pasted along with the original post, so you have to add the photos again.  

Create backlinks to help with SEO

Thousands of articles are posted on Medium daily. So creating your article according to the required algorithms is essential for ranking it among the top ones. Adding links in your content from outside can make the right image of your post. Backlinking your post related articles from your website can help in the traffic of the original website. 

Backlinking allows you to acquire hyperlinks from any other website or your own. It can help to build up the website and reach up to the search engine’s ranking algorithm. Adding backlinks in your articles define two fundamental features that search engines use to rank link. Backlinking helps discover new web content and determines how well the page would rank in results. According to Basit Ali who’s Digital Marketing Executive at Cognizantt said: “You should always make your website backlinks with Brand name.” it means if your website name is then you should use instead of any keyword. Build your brand not just link. 

Discover new content ideas

You are writing about the trending topics help in achieving good results. The Medium allows thousands of publications per day, helping understand which issues are the town’s talk. Creating your business content according to the reader’s interest and the latest trend attracts the audience. Use the ideas that are versatile and have the right approach to traffic. Don’t limit the content to just writing; use different factors that enhance the article’s informative aspect like adding images, links back to other websites or your own website’s post-related content, or the links of related videos. 

Publish your content in a diverse way

On writing an article, use the verb ‘you’ to directly communicate with the audience. Keep your language and vocabulary as simple as possible to engage with every kind of reader. Make a case study to the point and authentic. Use images for the diversity of content. Discover new ways to convey your message that is versatile than others. Inclusivity and diversity are not easy to achieve, but a little practice can make you better by time, and the content can stand out in the market. 

Build a network, associate your brand with well-read authors

On Medium you can connect with the well-versed authors of the market. It is an excellent platform for social networking. You can reach the writers who cover the same domain as your business or field. You can contact them in the case to scout them or ask them whether they want to work along with you.  Many authors provide their social contacts like email, Twitter accounts, etc., so reaching out to them can’t be more comfortable. 

The other advantage of having the account information is that when they share their content on social media, you can review that and know how to make OK changes in your content. 

Author bio: James Oakley is a Senior Writer at Research Prospect at Academic Research. He did his Ms in League Research & Writing Thesis and Dissertations from Brown University, Graduated in 2011. He helps students in their dissertation by providing services like literature review writing service and assists in essay writing. James is an open-minded person who loves to write on different topics on Education. Write suggestions and opinions for improving the education system.