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With all the gap year programs after high school, going to college is a challenge. Students may want to take breaks to explore other countries before they continue another 4 to 10 years of studying. Taking a gap year after college is applicable for those who decide to pursue a master’s degree or a doctorate degree.

You’re on your gap year, and you’ve taken the opportunity. Congratulations! With all the vineyards in Germany or the Bolognese in Italy, it may be hard in getting back on track once you go home. You miss your friends who provided you with the bed and breakfast while you’re away. You may miss that Mexican shows that show up on the afternoon television shows.

You may find yourself in your hometown, getting ready for college. But after all the things you’ve enjoyed in other parts of the world, it can be hard to fit in. You’ve expanded your comfort zone and may see your school as a little shell. The best things to do in this case are the following:

1. Write an Essay

You may want to write essays or even work on a case study about gap year ideas before college and your experience. A writing service website such as provides you with in-depth information and tips on how you can do this. Describing your experience can make your professors notice you.

2. Cook for Others

Rather than telling your classmates about the Spanish Paella or any other delicious traditional dish you have tasted, cook that food for them. Groupmates will appreciate it while listening about your daily excursions in Barcelona. If you just talk about your experience, they are likely not to like it, and you may find people sleeping because of the boredom in the middle of the day. Some may even envy you and start hating you.

3. Always Challenge Yourself

When you were in Tanzania, you knew no one. Getting food from the supermarket was a challenge because you may have limited knowledge of their language. In order to survive, you may have faced a lot of issues to learn a lot about people’s culture and traditions. You should also do this with your college education. Be your own competitor and challenge yourself to strive high in academics.

4. Educate Other Students

You may find people who are not interested in what you have to talk about. They don’t care about your biking experience in the Netherlands or paying a visit to a museum in the UK. What you can do to interest them is to show that they can do it too. You can direct them to the right websites, show the best places to go to, the most delicious restaurants to eat at and a lot more in case they are thinking of getting a gap year. Educating others about these things may even make you an inspirational speaker.

5. Get Attention by Becoming Interested

Don’t fool yourself that life stops on the other side of the globe just because you are in another country. Other people continue to live. Even if they have shown interest in the places that you went to or people that you met, show them that you are also involved in the things that happened while you were away. Show delight to the new baby of one of your groupmates, compliment your professor for the new haircut, and a lot more.

Having gap years can make you into a globe-trotting citizen. After you do it, you will certainly expand the horizons, make new friends, survive different challenges, and learn lots of lessons. You can apply all of these when you go to college. Encourage others to do it if they have time and opportunity. Show them positive sides of the gap year and be excited about their success. Sharing is caring but not too much.