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Are you passionate about helping people? Then an ABA therapist is the perfect career option for you. It allows you to make others’ lives better. An ABA therapist mainly offers therapy and counseling to children with autism, ADHD patients and treats other behavioural and learning disorders. In addition, ABA therapists work as a bridge between people with autism and society.

Like every other profession, you need to earn the certification to become an ABA Therapist. All the ABA therapists get their licenses from Behavior Analyst Certification Board. To sit for an ABA test, you need to obtain the required education, training, and experience. If you have planned for the ABA certification, you can join the ABA training online to qualify for the certification.

Types of ABA certifications

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board offers different ABA certifications. There are three

types of ABA certifications.

  • Board-certified behavior analyst, doctorate level (BCBA-D): It is the highest level of certification that requires doctorate level training in the related field.
  • Board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA)- For BCBA certification, a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis or any other related medical field is a must. Also, he should be an independent practitioner in the field. BCBA’s supervise RBTS’ and BCaBAs’ work.
  • Board-certified assistant behavior analyst (BCaBA)- Anyone with an undergraduate degree in the related field is eligible for the BCaBA certification. A BCaBA cannot practice alone but has to practice under a BCBA-D or a BCBA.

BCBA-D certification Requirements

To pursue BCBA-D certification, two different ways are there-

1.Having an active BCBA certification through master’s degree in the applied behavioral science if you go for the doctoral program from a certified ABA Program. Then you qualify for the BCBA-D certification.

2.After getting BCBA certification, you can pursue a doctoral” degree in the relevant field that demands a dissertation. For example, after completing your coursework in ABA therapy or publishing your work, you qualify for the BCBA-D certification.

BCBA Certification Requirements

  1. You must have a master’s degree from a qualified institution in ABA-related therapy like psychology, behavioral analysis. You must be passed in all the coursework and have required supervised experience.

2.After earning a master’s degree, you must be a full-time faculty member if you are teaching at a post-secondary institute. In addition, you must be teaching at least five sections in the behavior analytic content. Also, you should have published your experimental evaluation-based research work in a peer-reviewed journal.

BCaBA Certification Requirements

  1. A bachelor’s degree from a qualifying institution is a must. Instead of this, a degree from the related programs that meet the Verified Course Sequence (VCS) standards is also considered eligible for the certification. These courses must cover the needed content specified by the BACB.
  2. 1000 hours of supervised experience is needed for the trainee in the fieldwork with two required contacts. Moreover, 670 hours of the practicum is also there, which involves completing the fieldwork faster with extra supervision with four required contacts. In addition, 500 hours of the intensive practicum is also available.

Application & Exam for certification

If you meet the eligibility criteria for BCBA or BCaBA certification, you can take the certification exam held by the BACB. For BCaBA, the application fee is $175, and the examination appointment charges are $125. So, talking about the BCBA application fee, it is $245, and for an examination appointment, you have to pay $140.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Certification is crucial because-

Certification in the applied behavior Analysis field is a way to boost one’s credibility as an ABA professional. Also, it is designed to maintain the standards of the department. Therefore, if you want to make a decent place in this medical field, going for the certification after completing your education is necessary.