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Right keywords can take your content to another level. Remember that SEO writing is a battlefield where you are facing innumerable competitors. For attracting long-term traffic to the website, you have to invest all your time and effort in this field. The creation of killer content is just the second half of the story. The entire episode depends upon the amalgamation between the right keyword and high-quality content. For pulling the attention of the target audience, there are some steps you must follow. 

Although these are ready-made steps, you can make changes to them according to your requirement. Selection of the correct keyword is paramount for your content to soar high in search engine optimization. You can define keyword cannibalization as an issue where two or more pages have the exact keywords. If the intent is different, then you cannot term it so. 

Understanding the significance of keywords to avoid cannibalization  

Most of the website holders are unaware of keyword searches. Yet, it is a fundamental activity that has immense implications for the content. Keyword research is nothing but keyword-related effort. The first step towards starting content writing is the use of attractive and relevant keywords. These are phrases and words which searchers enter in the search engine.

When you use these keywords, there are chances that the target audience will like your content. Individuals with a sizable budget have agencies to provide them with keyword research. These days SEO professionals are into keyword research throughout the day. By way of expensive software, they get technical information and other related tools for research to avoid issues related to keyword cannibalization. 

You cannot do well without understanding search Intent in keyword cannibalization

There is a search intent hiding behind every query. Your job is to search these before you get into the actual work. Keywords become divided into different groups: informational, navigational, and transactional. These are the common ones in the market. Suppose you take a look at the navigational keyword. These are nothing but the use of search engines for navigating a website. When it comes to informational keywords, it gets directed towards specific information. 

Lastly, the commercial or transactional keyword becomes intended for making a purchase. The searchers are interested in buying something from the digital website. Words like “purchase” “buy” are nothing but indicators of this commercial intent. Reputed agencies like SEO New Yorkexplain it. Your job is to understand the keyword and use it in your content rationally and logically so that you do not face the issue of keyword cannibalization. 

Focus on your buyer’s journey to come with fresh and unique keywords

Apart from this, look into the buyer’s journey. Think about the total journey which the potential customer takes from the initial stage of hearing about a product till the final purchase. The buyer goes through different stages like consideration, awareness, and decision before making the final decision. Hence, your job is to understand their journey in detail. Only then can you create content directed towards the potential customer and help them attain their goal.

Awareness, consideration, and decision are three distinct stages. Awareness is the first stage where the customer identifies the problem. In the consideration stage, they research the solution and identify their problem. The last juncture is where they make comparisons of different solutions and decide on one action. As a marketer, you must use keyword research tools to avoid cannibalization.