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Author Bio: Sara Adams is associated with an organization that works for chinchillas and other exotic animals. In this article she offers tips on finding a good vet for the rodents.

With the rising popularity of chinchillas as pets, veterinary science too has evolved. The vets are now more knowledgeable about these exotic species. Even a decade back there were not adequate numbers of vets to attend chinchillas. The scenario, has, thankfully altered today but the availability of a good chinchilla vet as compared to other animals are still low. In addition, there is a lack of vet training programs as well. Sometimes, the human doctors are consulted to attend to the rodent’s health. The million dollar question is how to find a good vet for your pet chin? In order to find a vet, it is first necessary for the pet owners to be aware of certain facts which would help them to find a suitable veterinary.

Find knowledgeable vets

The first question that you should ask yourself is what are the qualities required in a good vet? Firstly, he or she should always involve the pet owner regarding what and why they are doing something. They should invite the owners to ask questions and put up a full query about the pet as well. They also make sure that they are fully aware of the latest developments in the veterinary science. You can also look for specialists who treat such exotic species. The advantage of choosing such a professional is that they have thorough knowledge about a particular animal. If you own a chinchilla, look for a specialist who can treat these species. Most importantly, do not hesitate to ask questions. If something does not sound right to you, get a second opinion. If needed, get a third opinion as well.

Be careful about wrong diagnosis

Another problem that the chinchilla owners face is that the vets at times treat the rodents like other animals. There have been instances when the chins were prescribed anti-fungal shampoos like the cats and dogs. At times, they are also diagnosed with bladder stones due to an overdose of calcium like the guinea pigs and rabbits. If the vet you are consulting is not a specialist and lacks the knowhow of treating a chin, then it is advisable that you take an assertive role in supervising the medical check-up of your pet.

Find a clinic with adequate equipment

A number of pet owners opt for a vet to whom they have an immediate access owing to convenience. This can be a wrong move. What you need to understand is that a chinchilla is an exotic animal and it requires proper attention. It cannot be treated as a dog, cat or rabbit. As a pet owner, you need to ensure that your pet is comfortable with the vet. The clinic should be a standard one with all the facilities required to take care of your pet.

Ask the breeders

One of the best ways to find a chinchilla vet is to ask the breeders. In addition to this, there are certain organizations that rescue and help exotic animals. They too can provide you with relevant leads. You can also take help from yellow pages or post your queries on online forums related to pets and exotic animals.

Once you have found the right vet; make an appointment as early as possible so that your pet receives medical attention immediately. The vet should build a rapport with your pet by handling it carefully.  Besides being comfortable, the clinics should also have proper equipments and the vet should be able to provide you appointments regularly for check up.

Of course, it is not easy to find an ideal vet for your precious chinchilla but compromising on its health is not feasible either. These adorable, fluffy pets demand proper care as far as their health is concerned. Hence, it is essential to find a good vet for treating them.