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Education is a significant part, and we should try to make it effortlessly accessible to everybody. As technology is evolving, the living standards and ways of learning. And people are trying to develop appropriate platforms for e-Learning. Although if you compare digital classes to offline ones, there is still much to be done. During offline classes, students get to interact eye-to-eye contact with teachers, students. It makes communication, doubts solving, notes making more accessible and helps both parties concentrate. 

Try to create a powerful e-learning app that can meet the two requirements of both teachers and students and help boost their productivity and provide them with a quality learning experience. Still, there are several rooms untouched that can be improvised and can be worked upon. To understand the requirements of teachers and students and then develop an eLearning app accordingly. Please consult with a custom mobile app development company as they can advise you with tips on e-learning app development. 

What Kind of E-Learning Platforms Can You Develop? 

Do you want to evolve the education system of the world? A custom mobile app development company can help you create an eLearning app and platform. So now, let’s have insights about what kind of eLearning apps can be developed. 

  1. ELearning Marketplace 

Create an Elearning app and platform which can allow teachers to sell their courses. These platforms will provide a place where students can buy the courses according to their requirements. udemy can be considered as a perfect example to explain this platform. So develop an eLearning app and web without writing code. It is pretty simple to get started. So go ahead and build your marketplace. 

  1. Language Learning App

Globalization has given rise to multilingualism, where an individual or a community can get access to more than one language, and this has developed an immense demand for language training institutions and eLearning apps. If you also have an app idea to develop an eLearning app like Duolingo, then a mobile app development company is there to help you. So build an e-learning website for language learning without worrying about codes and technologies. Shape your ideas into an eLearning app today. 

  1. Certification Platform

A certification platform is where universities from all over the world can come to sell their online courses and certifications. Therefore, create a powerful e-learning app like Coursera. It could be an excellent platform for your target audience to reach out to several universities for online courses and certification. 

  1. Live Classes App 

Educators of schools, colleges, or other educational institutions require an eLearning app to provide their group of students with online live classes and tests. As the recorded lectures cannot provide the learning experience of live classes, two-way communication is possible, which keeps students engaged in the studies. Due to the Global pandemic, various universities and schools have adopted online education. Therefore, develop an eLearning app that could meet their diverse requirements, and they have enhanced learning experience.  

How to Create an eLearning App and platform? 

Before you initiate developing an eLearning app that is profitable, user-friendly, and easily accessible, you would require deep insights about the educational process, courses, teaching methods, reach, and many more. 

  • Know Your Audience

To create a powerful e-learning app that your audience accepts, one needs to comprehend what their users want. One needs to keep in mind that you cannot meet everyone’s requirements and cannot make everyone happy. But one needs to initiate E-Learning app development with a motive that they make most of them happy. 

  • Determine Your Goal 

Your main motive is to develop an ELearning app that resolves issues and queries people face with other eLearning apps. To determine your goal, you need to have a detailed study about the needs of students and look if your eLearning app can fulfill the requirements of your target audience. 

  • Choose Your Format 

Now it is time you have to choose the format of your software. There are various options available in the market to choose from. You can create an eLearning app and platform where students can log in to watch videos, lectures, notes, and many more. You can add a feature to appear for sectional tests, prepare assignments or grab other knowledge. Here you can decide how to make your e-Learning App development successful. 

  • Form Your Development Team

You have your strategies made, and now the time has come to choose your technical team before you initiate your E-Learning App Development. Search for your Custom Mobile App Development Company or freelancing websites. Choose your team members carefully and select members who have expertise in e-Learning app development and software development. 

Two options can help you to make money off from a platform: 

  1. Advertisements: Several companies in the market will pay you for showcasing their ads on your mobile application. But it would be best if you chose ads wisely as they need to be relevant to your users. Otherwise, users can switch to some other applications. 
  1. Subscription: it is one of the popular ways that can help you monetize the app, as here users have to buy monthly or yearly subscriptions to use the features of your eLearning app. You can set a definite period so that users can try and then invest in your app. And some features can be confidential which can be accessed for membership customers. 

Some of The Common Features of ELearning App 

Here is the list of features that could be included: 

  • Registration/Log In 
  • Unique filters 
  • Categories 
  • Easy to use the search bar 
  • Reviews and ratings 
  • Easy checkout 
  • Timely reminders 
  • Push Notifications 
  • Live classes 
  • SMS features 


While you initiate to develop an eLearning app, you can think of a lot of creativity as various unique features can be integrated into your eLearning app. Educational institutions are still in search of reliable and appropriate applications where they can teach and share knowledge. Do you have any plans? Discuss them with Custom Mobile App Development Company to assist you better for your E-Learning App Development.