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My dad says, “Popular schools become renowned for their teachers.” I agree with my dad; because the teachers are not guardians, rather architects.

An architect know; how to design a lucrative design. And; an excellent guitar instructor is an absolute designer. He/She has the power to ignite the next Rock Star.

So, what defines a good guitar mentor? That’s the burning question every freshman asks. To discover the answer, I am here to give a step by step guideline. 

These instructions will help a newbie to choose the right mentor. Now, you might have a question; is this article enough for finding an electric guitar teacher?

Let’s see then!! Stick with me.

Education is the big thing:

As a newbie, your first step is to check the education. Education means having in-depth knowledge.

What does it mean to have in-depth knowledge? It includes everything from scratch to advanced.

For example, he/she must have a professional degree on guitar. If you don’t find any degree, check credentials. It can be from students or an expert one.

Playing experience:

For how long is the mentor playing? You should consider this at second. Remember, Playing experience matters. How? Look, I have been playing for ten years.

Through this time, I learned to make the lessons easier. My learning phase was not convenient, like today.

I had to study every single day to adapt blues, augmented, and harmonic scales. Those days taught me the relation among major scales.

Such as, a pentatonic scale is created from the five tones of major scale. If I start with the C Major scale, C D E G A will be the pentatonic scale.

Following the pentatonic scale, it’s easy to find blues scales. Make the second note # (sharp) from major scale.

So it goes like; C D D# E G A. Six notes. That’s blues. I hope my explanation makes sense -why does the experience matter?

Woman in Black Crew Neck T-shirt Holding Black Electric Guitar

Teaching method:

Different students need different care. So, the teaching method should be structured like that. Let me give you an example:

My teaching method has three stages. Number one is basic. It includes the following things:

  • How to choose your first guitar? 
  • Chromatic scales.
  • Basic finger exercises.
  • An introduction of guitar scales.
  • Basic chords
  • Theories.

So, this is my first syllabus for beginners. After completing the basic, I proceed to the intermediate, then advanced lessons. Between these learning periods, I take exams. It helps me to get a nitty-gritty of improvement.

(By the way, Musical instru published a blog post to find your first electric guitar)

Musical activity:

Some music instructors teach part-time. They are either busy with shows or recording sessions. I don’t prefer them though they are active in music. Why? 

Well, I played for many bands and studios. That time, most of my time, reserved for composition.

I barely got space to explore new things since it was my profession. Later I quit and started my guitar school with a music blog.

This profession gives me enough room to noodle up my skills and knowledge. So, the suggestion is, check the musical activity.

Passion and knowledge:

Have you read Steve Jobs’s quotes? I am sure you have. “Connecting the dots” is one of my favorite quotes. This means my passion represents knowledge.

If you and instructors’ passion matches together, there is nothing better. So, how do you know; if a mentor has passion and knowledge?

Simple, check his previous works. Check and compare with others. You will find the gem in the end.


Dedicating to self-improvement and student improvement -are two different things. There must be a check and balance. And you have to find out the difference. How?

By checking the other students, let me clear the statement. Your desired tutor must have a running batch, right? 

Go to the students. Ask them how their tutor responds to the students. Does she/he take special care of weak students? Is there a variety of teaching? This sort of approach can help you to understand the dedication.

Style of student handling:

In my morning batch, I have fifteen students. They are not all the same. Some can understand fast, some cannot. Based on their performance, I have to work.

Say, for example, one of my students has impressive listening skills. He can pick instant songs but cannot explain the grammar. 

While another student can explain grammar better but has less listening power. So, it has seen that both students need extra care.

I handle them in different ways. And they are practicing individual lessons. To make a balance between them, I am giving mental support. Motivation works for them. 

This is the way of my student handling. Now, my suggestion is; check your desired tutor strategy.

Price comparison:

Check the price. How can you test the cost? Well, check your expectation first -then budget. If both meet your requirements, take the admission. Don’t look down. Remember, it’s a lifetime investment.

Your entire music career depends on this decision. A wrong decision can throw you in deep frustration. So, consider everything before setting up your price. Remember, Guitar instructors, give more than they deserve.

Now, it’s your choice to decide the factors to compare prices. I am sure the right decision is at your door.


So, I want to ask you a question. Have you got your answer yet? Perhaps, the answer is yes. If you still have problems, leave that in the comment section. I will answer it. 

Now let me close this article by giving instruction. There is no great electric guitar instructor. Only great guitarists exist.

And there is no evidence that; a great guitarist can be a great instructor. It’s all about passion and knowledge.