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SEO Tips for Small Business

Depending on your age and taste, you would be spending several hours every day on some of the other social media apps. If you are looking to give a steroid dose to your career, you will log on to Linked In without fail every day. If your friends’ and networks are important to you, then you stay glued to Facebook. When you are looking for things that interest you specifically, then Pinterest would hold your interest. If you like to see nice pictures and videos, then you would swear by Instagram. However, what if you run a business, and wish to use social media to promote your business? What if you had a website at the core of your digital marketing strategy, and were thinking of ways to use social media to drive traffic to your website? Yes, you would surely create your business profile on each of those social media apps. However, what then? Let us see three ways in which a business profile on a social media app could drive traffic to that business’s website.

1. Keeping the Content Engaging

When a follower sees a great picture of your brand on Instagram, it will create interest in finding out more about your company. Alternatively, if you provide services, say SEO services, then a great SEO article by you on LinkedIn would pique the interest of the reader, and it is likely that he would click on your website’s URL at the bottom of your article. Engagement can also be affected by keeping small quizzes, surveys and activating a call to action that requires navigation to your website.

2. Leaning on Influencers

All social media has a set of influencers whose opinion and recommendations are valued by many users of that social media app. You need to keep a watch on influencers in the same industry segment as your business and associate with them. This can be done by telling them about your products, showing samples, providing product specifications and so on, and then hope that they will like your product enough to leave a comment on your profile and ask users to visit your website.

3. Doing SEO With Social

This is a fact that many people either ignore or simply don’t know about. We learned from experts at Gramista that a company’s social media profiles also affect its search engine ranks, which in turn could drive more traffic to their websites. Hence when you start to do SEO, you need to do it for your social media profiles as well, which will surely send more people to your website.

These are just three ways we suggested for driving internet traffic to your website using your social media profiles. But there are more ways, and the more important thing is that none of those are single step one-touch solutions. They need to be kept up consistently.

Author Bio: Irene Garcia has been associated with several successful social media marketing campaigns, and has also done some special SEO projects with Instagram expert Gramista.