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Debating has turned out to be an essential ingredient in the academic curriculum of even high school students. Some might wonder what good can this act of arguing can do to the students. They might feel that it will make children arrogant. However, it is essential to understand here that debating is not the same as arguing. It is the presentation of one’s ideas and views and how they contradict the opposite point of view.

Debating is given this importance in the academic syllabus because of the scientific findings on the benefits that it has on the developing minds. Indeed, a good debater will have excellent critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills refer to those skills which enable a person to evaluate and examine a situation thoroughly and arrive at a sensible conclusion that is supported by relevant and suitable arguments, thereby minimizing chances of human errors in it.

A person possessing excellent critical thinking skills is deemed to make lesser mistakes in life as each of their important decisions. Indeed, writing helps to clarify one’s thoughts while debating helps to view their ideas critically. It enables the people to evaluate an aspect critically considering its pros and cons and finally arrive at a sensible judgment.

No wonder that a debater can arrive at a conclusion that makes more sense. He/she might have studied the issue, weighing the pros and cons of the situation, and it is then that they conclude. The final judgment will reflect the quality of the time and thoughts that they have invested to examine the issue, with no mention of their critical thinking skills. However, at times expressing one’s arguments in public will not look appealing to many owing to the undesirable consequences that may follow.Anonymous blog sites come to help in these circumstances.

Researches were conducted to analyze the relationship between debating and critical thinking. From the studies, it was interpreted that they help to complement one another. So, how does debating helps a person to develop his/her critical thinking skills? The reasons for this shall be discussed in this article.

A view on the opposite notion

A debate requires people to talk on the topic and against it. The people supporting the issue must lay their points to contradict the arguments raised from the team who are against the notion. Thus, people involved in debating will be mindful of considering the possible counter-arguments that are likely to rise.

Therefore, they get to evaluate the entire topic in all the dimensions.

Though for the sake of contracting, they will think about the points that can help contradict the possible counter-arguments that may pop up. This helps them to evaluate any problem critically considering its multi-dimensions.

Helps develop reasoning skills

Reasoning skills are something that comes along with debating skills. A good debater can present strong reasons for his/her viewpoints. This, in turn, helps develop critical thinking skills in the meanwhile.

Dual perspective thinking

When researches were conducted on students involved in debating and others, it was found that the former was able to present dual perspective arguments. Though the latter could give their ideas well, they failed to look forward to both the perspectives in the same sense as those with the debaters. This calls out the vital relationship between critical thinking skills ad debating.

Efficiently interpret and utilize the data. 

Debating helps people to study and interpret the data better. In a comparative study, the results reveal that people involved in regular debates were able to analyze the given data more efficiently. Also, they were the ones who could utilize this data effectively to support their arguments.

Efficiently figure out what more data is required to settle the controversy.

People involved in regular debates are more likely to figure out the correct information that is further required to solve the issues. They would be in a possession to come up with more sensible, logical, and reasonable questions that can help arrive at a judgment.

A better judgment

An essential phase of critical thinking skills is to arrive at a better judgment considering the intricacies of the situation. People involved in debating are more proficient in this aspect.

Concluding note

From the above arguments, it is reasonable that people involved in regular debates possess better critical thinking skills than the others. In no doubt, it is one of the skills that help an individual grow in his personal and professional life. Presenting one’s arguments on online platforms is appreciable. But, it need not be likable by many. The consequence is that the person will be flooded by personal harassment.

The best means to overcome this is by making use of an anonymous blog post. How are anonymous blogs useful?  By posting on these platforms, you no longer need to bear the suffocation of holding back your arguments, and at the same time, you will be free from any physical or mental attacks.