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Coming to Australia as a student might get you thinking that winter break is going to be a Christmas tree near the pool. You are there enjoying a glass of sparkling in a swimming suit and Santa cap. If this is how you want to spend Christmas and meet the New Year, Australia is a good choice, especially when you come from the continental climate where you start wearing prickly wool clothes that make you itch all over.

January through December is a summer season in Australia. So, it’s actually a summer break. Aussies do know how to enjoy their X-mas break. Of course, they switch the traditional eggnog with beer and roasted turkey to seafood on the grill.

Australia is undoubtedly a great place to live and study. If you shift expectations that Christmas is going to be something like an Independence Day in the USA, it is probably easier to get accustomed to what awaits you.

Event to enjoy at Christmas through the New Year in Australia

1.    Christmas getaway

It’s a fantastic opportunity for going out with friends, especially if they have families celebrating far away. There are plenty of beautiful places, and you can move somewhere more or less humid with a bit lower temperature in the greener areas.

2.    Coastline party

It is the best way to relieve stress as vast sunny beaches with sky-blue water are waiting for you. Australians get creative by taking along the fake snowman and a decorated X-mas tree for the picnic by the coast. 

3.    Few traditions

The one thing you won’t be missing is Carol singing. Australian enjoy traditional events and parties. What about checking your local area for the celebrations to spend your spare time with a lot of fun?

4.    Sport events

There are a Boxing Day, Yacht race and cricket games that Australian watch after the Christmas day has passed. January marks the opening of the tennis season.

Then in January, the continent celebrates the Australia Day. Since it is summer, the season is packed with festivals. One of the best ways for students to spend the days is to travel and visit the festival. They begin as early as November when the classes are still on. 

It’s hard to stay at home writing essays instead of going out. If you are caught with wanderlust, desperately looking for the best writing service just google «help me to do my assignment», don’t hesitate. You can always ask for help when there are so many things to explore. 

The world-class performers start actively visit the country right after the Christmas, probably searching for some sunlight and swimming pool relaxation as well. There are pop and rap music parties along with the big names in techno and electro scene. At times the events mix styles on the stage.

Despite the hot weather, there are celebrations and festiveness all over the country. Summer sparks up the mood, so the New Year festival is quite entertaining. It is usually followed by a huge event of celebrating the Chinese New Year at the end of February.

There is Winter mood in Australia

Surrounded by the ocean at all sides, Australia associates with surfing, not skiing. In reality, there are beautiful places that become a fairy tale as the snow covers the mountains. The all-winter favourite family holidays are easily accessible here as well with all the best attributes of hot drinks and comfortable clothes.

Tasmania, for instance, has a rich nature, various climate and is a lifetime experience of landscape observation. Try to find some time to visit this picturesque island.

Although the locals prefer moving to a warmer climate with fewer precipitations, there are chances to enjoy winter. In many regions winter is a heavy-raining season. So, if you are looking for snowy peaks and valleys, you might be doing yourself a favour by escaping the flood of pouring.

If it’s your third year studying here, and you miss the snowy winters at home, you have an excellent opportunity to spot winter in Australia. A place that is fair to name among the most gorgeous in the world to enjoy the best school breaks.