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Canada has a stellar education system. Students from all around the world go to Canada for higher studies. In 2015, over 187,968 student applications poured into the 98 recognized universities. Among them, 5,829 international study permit holders received permanent residence through multiple economic streams. Every year, students pay almost $11.4 billion Canadian dollars for excellent education. This is one of the biggest sources of Canada’s revenue, and the country is usually interested in giving outstanding students permanent residence.

The actual process of applying for a student visa –

Applying for a study permit in Canada is quite easy. You can choose between online processes and paper-based processes. However, you will need a counseling session once your application is accepted. These counseling sessions are very necessary for the visa application process. You can find them at your closest branch. They will help you understand which college and universities are best for you, what courses you should take and much more.

This can be a rather daunting process. At this stage, most of the applicants choose a reliable immigration service that can assure their Student Visa Canada on time.

You will need to give details about your preference of study, your certificates, proof of academic qualifications and evidence of your English skills. Although this is not compulsory for Canada, many high ranked universities prefer a good TOEFL or IELTS score. If you have an immigration service to help you out, this process will be a lot smoother. They will give you a checklist where you can tally all required documents.

You need to show that your intention in Canada is to study. Once your course is complete, you will return home. Proof of financial support is also critical. You need to supply evidence of your financial assistance when you are applying for your student visa. You should also be able to show that you don’t have any criminal records and you have good health.

Advantage of choosing a professional immigration service –

The distinct advantage of working with an immigration company is getting a real-time update of the application process while sitting at home. The immigration services will stay in touch with the visa offices to know the status of your visa application.

Even notifying you of the visa outcome is their job. You can sit at home, relax and prepare for your journey. You can just go to their office and collect your passport after your visa comes in.

Why apply for a student visa?

A Canadian student visa is one of a kind. You can study in a foreign land and support yourself by working up to 20 hours a week. During the breaks, you can work full-time in the Canadian job market.

If you already have a student visa, it becomes a lot easier to extend your stay. Most international students who fall in love with the country apply for or Post Graduate Work Permit before applying for P.R.

Author Bio: Stephanie Cullen is an immigrations expert. She has been working with several student bodies and immigration services to make it easier for the international students to get Student Visa Canada approved.