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Author Bio: John Wilson is a well known data management professional. In this article, he suggests a few tips to the would-be data mangers regarding the data integration or data management studies.

The primary role of data managers is to create a kind of database system that meets the need of data in an organization or in a research team. Data administrators or managers therefore help in identifying all needs of the users and merge old databases with new ones according to requirements. They also help in modifying database structure by backing up information included in database. Data management professionals can be seen in a wide range of industries like education, medical and financial businesses.

Now, let us go through their career requirements:

Graduate Level: A minimum qualification of graduate level is required for becoming a data manager. But there are some employers also who seek candidates with Master of Business Administration degrees.

Specific Field: You should be specialized in computer related field like Computer Science or Information Technology for becoming a data administrator or manager.

Certification: Though certification is not mandatory, many employers may look for professionals who are certified by the specific software program used by the organization.

Key Skills: If you want to enter in the data management field, you must have problem solving and analytical skills. You should be able to conduct system analysis and must be familiar with the operations of mainframe computers. Knowledge of component orientation, metadata management software, operating systems and data management systems are also required.

Experience: You may require approximately 1 to 5 years of experience in database development or data analysis to become a data manager.

Annual Salary Package: According to statistics of May 2014, a data administrator can easily earn around $82,000 per year.

Now, let us go through the steps for becoming a data manager:

Step 1: Graduate: You must enroll yourself into a graduate program related to data integration or data management studies. Your courses may include information systems with database administration. You may also complete your graduation with Computer Science as your specialization. Curriculum topics of 4 year graduation program may include data mining, security applications, data structures, database management systems, applied systems analysis etc.

As some graduate programs do not allow their students to focus their studies on data management field, you can choose data management as a minor subject during your graduation.

Step 2: Work As Data Analyst or Developer: As soon as you complete your course, you may join an organization as a database developer or data analyst. As data managers require work experiences, you can gain proper experience by beginning your career as an analyst or a developer.

You can consider certification if you want to join immediately after your course. Certified IT professionals do have better opportunities than those joining the industry as a fresher.

Step 3: Work As a Data Manager: You can start working as a data manager as soon as you have gained relevant experiences. Sometimes known as database administrators, the managers are responsible for designing databases in such a way that fulfills the needs of the organizations in the right manner and ensures that all databases are functioning accurately.

Step 4: Earn an MBA Degree: Some employers seek employees with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. MBA programs may include basic database concepts as well as advanced database management systems, processing and designing of database systems, business modeling and statistical quality control by using spreadsheets. Though the MBA degree is not a mandatory one, it can help the managers to stay ahead of their competitors.

Therefore, a data manager and data administrator have similar job roles and require work experience in data analysis sector. If you seriously want your career in data management field, you may consider doing your post graduate degree in Business Administration.