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My Town Tutors love Social Studies teachers! Here are some resources to celebrate a great week on Social Studies, sponsored by National Geographic.
When researching Geography Awareness Week which is sponsored by National Geographic, we came across some great resources that are listed on our Special Learning Days page.
The following activity is from Houghton Mifflin and is called GeoNet.
Here are the directions for the students.

1. Click “play GeoNetTURN THE VOLUME TO MUTE!

2. Choose a map – pick United States

3. Choose a flag – pick NORTHEAST

4. There are 6 sets of questions according to themes. START in the top left hand corner and work your way around. SEE THE ORDER BELOW!

5. There 5 questions for each themes. CLICK ON NEXT QUESTION when you complete a question. After completing all questions in a theme, RECORD YOUR SCORE for that section.

6. Switch category and complete the next theme. Complete all 6 themes AND record your scores.

The NORTHEAST THEMES should be completed in the following order. Record your scores next to the section.

1. Top left: The World in Spatial Terms: locations

2. Middle left: Places and Regions: physical and human characteristics

3. Bottom left: Physical Systems: land, air, water, and living things

Right Side

4. Top right: Human Systems: population, culture, and interdependence

5. Middle right: Environment and Society: human-environmental interactions

6. Middle right: The Uses of Geography: changes over time

If you finish, select another region.

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