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A guest blog from the team at Titanium Tutors, a London based tutor company.

A question we get asked a lot by parents is whether or not it’s worth investing in a tutor over the summer.
We recently wrote on this subject on our blog, and are delighted to share with you some of the key take-away points:

1. Summer is the hardest of the three major holidays when it comes to figuring out whether or not to schedule some tutoring. Christmas is typically a time when tuition is paused due to conflicting family commitments, and Easter is a time when tutoring is frequently needed due to upcoming end-of-year exams.

2. Communication is key. Discuss the matter with your child, tutor and school teachers to get their perspectives. The tutor has a wealth of experience not only in private tutoring itself, but also in teaching your specific child, and will likely have a strong point of view about whether holiday tuition is needed and how likely it is that your child will be able to respond in terms of concentration and enjoyment. Needless to say that the tuition will be doomed to fail from the outset if your child isn’t on board, so be sure to ask how they feel about it and don’t push against it if it’s clear they need a break.

3. The main advantage of summer lessons is keeping momentum going, and ensuring things don’t get forgotten. Spread the lessons out evenly to make the most of this continuity factor.

4. Use the summer lessons as an opportunity to explore areas of academia that your child might not ordinarily look at during school term time. It’s the perfect time to think outside the box and for your child to remind themselves about the joys of learning for its own sake rather than with a view to taking exams or ticking boxes. They are likely to carry this enthusiasm and inspiration with them into the new school year and apply it to their more routine studying.

5. Be careful not to overdo summer lessons. Everyone needs time to relax and play, and the last thing you want is for your child to start the new school year tired and burned out. Make sure to keep things light touch!

Our original blog post about private tuition in the summer holidays has some extra detail. Enjoy!