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The following is an on-line psychology activity from the APA On-Line Psychology Lab.

The Association Memory Test

Materials needed: computer, pen & paper

Directions: (1st screen):

You will see some drawings.
You will hear name associated with each drawing.
Listen and look carefully.
Later you will be asked to recall the name of each object.

Push the next button when you are ready to begin!

During this part of the activity an image is presented with a word. After the word is read, a sentence is read using the word. (2:45)

  1. Baby: The baby likes her rattle.
  2. Build: You can build with blocks.
  3. Break: Break the stick in half.
  4. Walk: Put your boot on and walk.
  5. Wild: Wow! That picture is wild.
  6. Fight: He used his fist to fight.
  7. Big: One of the lines is big.
  8. Fan: The turning fan makes you cooler.
  9. Beautiful: The diamond is so beautiful.
  10. Green: Dollar bills are green rectangles.
  11. Laugh: He smiled and started to laugh.
  12. Indian: The Indian saw the arrow.
  13. Moth: The moth has wings to fly.
  14. Angry: The mouth looked angry to me.
  15. Horse: Sit on the horse and ride.

Screen #3

Using a sheet of paper, write the names of all of the symbols that you can remember. Be sure to write the precise words that you were told, and only write down the words that you are confident about.

Once you are finished writing down the list, count the number of words you recall, and enter that number here: Correct # is 15.
Screen #4
You will now see each drawing again. Type in the name that goes with each drawing. If you are not sure of a drawings name or how to spell it’s name make your best guess. Try to enter a name for each drawing.  Click NEXT to begin.
Screen #5
Thank you for participating in the “Association Memory Test” experiment.
Click “Save Data” or “Don’t Save Data”
Final Screen:

If you see the red check mark to the left, then your data has been successfully saved to the database. Your UserID that is used to track your data throughout our database is:


If you are a student, you may need to provide this number to your instructor for class grading purposes. If you lose this number, you will have to complete the study again to obtain a new number.

Download data for this experiment