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Chunking is an important concept with a psychology unit of memory and thought. The following activity shows how it is easier to remember information when it is broken into chunks. (For another activity to reinforce this concept, check out the telephone sentences activity.)
For this activity, divide the class into 2 groups. A teacher can handout a sheet with the numbers or have one group of students put their heads down while presenting the other group with the number either on the board or with a power point.

Historical Dates: 12 numbers  vs. 3 important dates

Group #1: 149217761941 (Some students will identify the important dates and create chunks without the guidance that group 2 received.)
Group #2: 1492  1776  1941

Numbers and a pattern: 11 numbers  vs. 1 pattern

Group #1: 6,9,8,11,10,13,12,15,14,17,16
Group #2: 6,9,8,11,10,13,12,15,14,17,16 (use the pattern vs  +3, -1)
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