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Helping your kids with their math homework will give you a real appreciation for teachers. It can also result in math anxiety. If you haven’t used algebra recently or if you had trouble with math as a kid, you are in good company.

Many parents have trouble helping their kids with their math homework. Even if you have a degree in math, you may struggle with explaining the concepts to your children. And some math problems can leave a parent feeling frustrated and inadequate.

The truth is that math homework doesn’t have to be so stressful and unpleasant.

In my own experience as a parent and educator, communication is vital when helping your kids with any subject. It is essential to communicate effectively to make math homework a more pleasant experience.

Here are a few essential tips to help your kids with their math homework:

Listen to Your Child and Work to Understand What They are Saying

Ask your child to say what they are thinking as they are working on their math problems. Asking what they are feeling provides an excellent opportunity for you to ask them questions about their reasoning by asking what they are doing and why. Encouraging your child to explain can help your child think about the math problem and find their solution. Try not to rush in with your explanations because letting your child work on their solution helps with their self-confidence.

Tips for Teaching

Be sure to keep an open mind when helping your child with math. Avoid being dismissive because your child may reflect this behavior as well.

Encourage Your Child to Think About the Math Problems

Even if your child is getting their math answers wrong, know that they are using their logical thinking skills. Realization is key to helping them find solutions. Look at how they are solving the problem and make sure they understand the concept behind the problem as well as the correct way to solve it.

Homework Gets Them Thinking About Solutions

Homework is also about learning new skills and the process of getting the right answers. Finding the correct order of events can help them understand the process. It is crucial to explain the rationale behind the solution and be sure your child understands the reasoning for the problem in addition to the process involved in solving it.

Communicate with Your Child’s Teachers

Contact your child’s teachers to see how they are explaining certain concepts and lessons so that you can get help with your techniques. Teachers are some of your best allies in helping your kids with schoolwork.

Get More Help

There are many resources available to help. Take some time to review your child’s textbook and online learning resources for insight on the problems they are encountering. Search for more related resources online and visit your local library for books and materials that can help with study night.

Consider Your Child’s Unique Learning Abilities

Every child has a unique way of learning, so listen carefully to how they communicate to determine the best way to respond and understand.