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Currently Sponsored Pages

MARCH 14th: (3.14)

101 Pi Day Jokes for Math Teachers

The Pi Day Jokes page is being sponsored by IPractice Math. IPractice Math is a great resource for parents and teachers! It offers learning topics in Algebra, Calculus, Decimals, Fractions, and Consumer Math. Teachers and independent learners can register. here to register.

Top Traffic Pages Looking for Sponsors

Start your Day With a Smile: 180 School Jokes (5,000+ views in the last month) This page is great! Traffic grows each month. It is an awesome way to connect with teachers and parents.
March Madness:

March 2nd: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Dr. Seuss Special. Advertise on ALL of our Dr. Seuss pages for $30 for the month of March. Great for companies looking to connect with teachers and parents.

March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day Jokes
March 27th: Top Easter Jokes
Other Sponsors

Tutoring Page

Build your own tutoring business – free website, workflow & tools.

Top Jokes for Chemistry Teachers!

Teach With Fergy

Great new eBook – Teach Well and Maintain Your Sanity. If you are interested in learning more about the book, please CLICK HERE
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