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Students losing their motivation to learn is not unheard of. It can be temporary, but it can also be a persisting issue. Now demotivation may not sound like a big issue, but if left unresolved, it can critically affect their grades and performance.

While these are not the only factors that can reflect a child’s intelligence, they are essential and can determine future opportunities and careers.

Concerned parents typically consider enrolling their kids to a tutoring center or hiring a private tutor. If you think you’re in a similar position, you may be questioning if it’s worth the trouble and money. Well, let me break down the good and the bad side of tutoring so that you can make the best and informed decision.

The Good

With fewer students to worry about compared to a traditional class, skilled tutors can evaluate every child’s learning requirements and establish the necessary steps to produce results.

  1. Minimal Distractions

Large classrooms can be extremely distracting. With a more focused and calm tutoring environment, there are fewer distractions. Tutors can give every student their full attention and students can focus on their lessons rather than their classmates.

2. Enhanced Confidence and Morale

With a more personalized approach, tutors can hone students’ skills and knowledge and help them become more confident in every subject. Studies show that constant positive reinforcement can be advantageous for building children’s self-esteem.

3. More and Better Opportunities

Most parents who opt for tutoring services see the advantages it gives in regards to their child’s future opportunities. Colleges and universities take grades seriously, so better school performance during grade and high school can open more and better doors which can lead to better jobs.

4. Out of Syllabus Material and Resources

Because tutors and bigger tutoring centers tailor lessons according to every student’s needs, they can provide a lot of resources and materials lacking in the ones given by schools. This gives children more options and flexibility and it can also help them find the best learning style that fits their personality.

The Bad

Getting a tutor takes a lot off of your kid’s time, especially if it requires traveling to a facility or certain location.

  1. Extra Expense

Probably the main disadvantage of getting a tutoring service is the cost. Enrolling in a tutoring center can be pricey, hiring a private tutor even more so. Families with tighter budgets may not find this a practical solution to their kid’s poor performance.

2. Safety Concern

Some parents are also not confident entrusting their child with a stranger. To prevent any of these things from happening, you might want to invest in a more established organization or a personally recommended private tutor with a thoroughly checked and verified criminal background report.

3. Tutors May Not Be What Your Kid Needs

A good and valid concern is that getting a tutor may just be a huge waste of money. You might find that your kid and their tutor’s personality just don’t match, or their teaching style is just not for your kid. These things do happen, and there’s no foolproof way to know beforehand. This may cause your child to hate studying even more. So, it’s very important to monitor the first few lessons and instantly address issues as soon as you notice them or as soon as your child raises them.

4. Disrupted School-Fun Balance

Yes, kids need their version of the work-life balance too! Tutoring takes a lot of time. It can eat up time that your child could use for socializing, participating in extracurricular activities, or simply taking a break.

We’ve tried to give a balanced and objective list of the good side and the bad side of tutoring. So, do you think it’s going to be a game-changer or does it not sound like it’s worth the trouble?