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When choosing a career, you should consider job satisfaction and, most importantly, whether it will be in demand in years from now. The Bureau of Labor and statistics reports that most jobs will be lost while others will stand a test of time. Rebecca Pretorius Manager at Crimson Education South Africa recommended choosing science courses, technology, engineering and mathematics as they are useful for future-proofing the students’ careers.

Read more to learn what employers will be looking for from their employees.

Careers In The Medical Field

Physicians and nurse practitioners are among the professionals that are in demand now, and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates the market to increase. Physicians and nurses tend to do similar work to doctors. These work include treating illnesses and medication prescribing.

To qualify for these jobs, one needs to have the right certification and a master’s degree.

Data Analyst

Due to the growth of data amount collected each year and the increasing technological advancement, demand for a data analyst is set to increase. Each organization is need of a professional data analyst to manage the enhanced data. Data analyst’s job involves collecting data which they use to identify patterns, spots past and present trends which they then use to predict future probabilities.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or statistics will land you this job, but a master’s degree in data science course will prove most useful in the future.

It Security Experts

As technology advances, so does information crimes such as cyber-attacks increase. Which is why the demand for information security experts is set to increase. There have been cases all over the world of cyber terrorists hacking various infrastructures, even banks. If not mitigated, these cases will paralyze even the most critical part of our lives.

An IT Security Expert is trained to protect an organization’s data, which explains why employers are looking for these professionals.


The engineering industry is growing every day.  The need to invent, modify and design new technologies is right in the engineering alley. Engineers help to develop things to make them better for use. Things like computers, roads, machinery are all critical, which makes engineering a vital profession.

Thus you need a lot of studying and the right training to become an engineer. From earning a degree to passing all the required certification tests, this job will prove worthwhile in the future. But truth be told, some times due to job timeline and classwork needs it proves challenging to strick a balance between the two. Or else, sometime classwork might overwhelm you to an extent of questioning yourself whether can I pay someone to take my online class for me

If such a day comes, worry not because there are professionals who have specialized in helping students handle the bit of their classwork that they are too busy to handle. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is transforming the world. People don’t have to go out to seek new adventures when they can quickly get them in the comfort of their homes. As technology advances, you can easily use your senses to interact with VR. As people continuously seek new and real experiences, so makes the demand for Virtual reality designers. 

Final Word

Technology has changed from what it was 20 years ago, and it will be different in the future. Which is why, like a student trying to choose a career, you need to be aware of this fact. Experts have given tons of advice on choosing careers with a background in mathematics, sciences, technology, and engineering. Keeping this in mind, go ahead and make the right choice for your future.