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Writing Advice for College Students

Author Bio: Sanda Keyes

A daily routine of the most famous writers

When you see how someone has reached some success and you think that their work is something valuable, you may look for some information related to their path. You can be interested in both professional and private aspects of someone else’s life. In this article, we’re going to tell you about a daily routine of the four most famous writers that we know today.

Joan Didion

When she’s having a dinner, I need about an hour to think of what I have done during the day and plane some things for the rest of the day. She loves drinking and thinking of the plans. She starts every morning with a habitual routine and she takes all the notes she made the day before to review them one more time. When there’s a lot of work, she doesn’t really want to see anybody by her side or even go out somewhere.

She has no energy for doing this. When the book is almost over, Joan loves sleeping with it in one room. This is a part of herself and her life, so it’s hard to simply put it aside. And it’s really hard to finish the book and stop typing. She understands that this is the end of the book, but it may seem too complicated at times.

Kurt Vonnegut

This writer wakes up at 5:30 every day and his morning routine lasts until 8:00. This routine includes only work. Breakfast comes next at 8. Then he continues working until 10:00. Kurt loves walking along the city streets and going swimming. He’s at home again at 11:45 and he gets to work again.

After the lunch, Kurt is busy with some schoolwork or writing essays about why I want to study in this college. Kurt finally gets home after the classes after 5 pm. He loves tasting strong drinks, cooking and listening to jazz in the evenings. Kurt is keen on home exercising, so he does the pushups and sit ups every day.

Haruki Murakami

When it’s time to write a paragraph for a new novel, Haruki wakes up at 4:00 and keeps on writing for about five or even six hours. What’s next:

  • The next thing he loves doing after work is running 10 miles.

  • Then Haruki swims and listens to the music.

  • Haruki usually goes to bed early at about 9 pm.

He doesn’t like to change any of the habitual actions, so this routine is the same every day. Such an approach to having one and the same schedule every day helps Haruki reach a deep state of mind. But this approach takes much power and energy as it’s really complicated to stick to only one route regularly. Haruki considers physical strength as a good resource for his mental compositions.

Stephen King

Stephen considers having a special room for writing. It’s like a private bedroom where no one can just come in. Having a standard routine is also great for Stephen as the same things everyday make him feel safe and sound. The order in the schedule can make a clear order in mind. Stephen compares sleeping and writing processes as the states when a person can be still and working hard at the same time.

The right approach to sleeping and finding out the right number of hours for a person can help provide more success in writing. You can try it out yourself. All Stephen needs to be in the writing room is the door. The one that you can close, so no one will ever enter the room without your permission.

If you wish to reach the same success as someone else, you should take a look not only at the professional sphere, but also at the private aspects of the person’s life. You may think that habitual routine means nothing for most of the people, but doing the same things every day with ease can make you do your job with the minimum efforts. Try repeating the routine of any of the writers just to put yourself in their place and try walking in their shoes. You can do it just for a few days and evaluate your new experience.