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Social media domains like Facebook and Instagram are a superb way to disseminate your views and knowledge online with people around the globe. As with every other software update, it’s getting easier and smoother to connect and share with followers and potential customers.

However, the main concern for artists sharing their art/artwork online is that anybody can copy or steal their work and claim them as their property. Intellectual theft and plagiarism is a common phenomenon. Copyright issues are real and while sometimes not rightly crediting or honoring an artist could an innocuous thing, it could be a virulent and awful thing to steal somebody’s work and take all accolades. There’s a definite way-out.

  • Signing or watermarking your artwork: It’s crucial to put your signature or logo for people to note or recognize your effort. It servers a mark of cognizance. It’s one of the best equipment to shield your art in Instagram. For starters, place an emblem or watermark on the image/article, or in a space that would be difficult to edit with Photoshop. 
  • WIP or work in progress: It’s one of the most skipped aspects in this regard. Work in progress shows you’re art is nearing finalization or release. It can be in the form of photos, or videos. 
  • Keeping digital records of your art: Much akin to copyright, you need to record your art in a digitized manner for preventing any fuss about its creator. Do ensure to back up your content as you may need them in the future. 

Some crucial pointers

That Instagram has revolutionized the modality of art world on the internet is an irrefutable fact. Visually stunning and free, it’s also very simple. While you know how to reach more followers and make viable business with hashtags and sharing other artwork, don’t overdo things because just because you will think of хочулайки в инстаграм

  • No over-curation: Beyond the surge of curators, your IG account has to be authentic. Regardless of how perfectly landscaped and beautiful your account looks like, it will eventually become a cliche, more like a typical brand when and if it’s too perfect. 
  • Art has its nuances and you must make a conscious effort to not like warehouse. 

A calculative approach

Many artists on IG are uncertain about the safety of their art online. You can start with low resolution artwork. HD images not only increase your page’s loading time, but it invariably invites forgers to download your images and print them.

  • Keep your images as small as possible. An image with lower pixels loads faster and the printout will be small. If someone downloads, it will become grainy and pixelated if they try to enlarge the same. This makes the images unsuitable and unviable for printing. 
  • Use specific portions of your image. You can crop your art to reveal a portion of the main design. Although someone could still copy the cropped version, it’s effect won’t be more than a thumbnail. 

People must find it easy to contact you for your permission regarding using your art. Lastly, disabling the right click option is also pretty legit. 

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.