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This post was submitted by Vera Mosely, an author who enjoys writing on the topic of early childhood education.
Whether you choose to home school your child, work with them on tutoring or simply supplement the things they are already learning in schools, there are tons of great resources out there to help.  This list isn’t just for soccer moms or stay at home dads, it’s for anyone who wants to help a child learn!
iHomeschool Network – The nice community over at iHomeschool Network has created one of the most detailed and unique resources on the web. They put together a great list of “Ultimate Guides” that each take place on a different blog. They are chock full of information and take a detour from the usual textbook style of teaching.  Don’t miss out on these amazing chances to teach a specific subject, such as Texan History or creative writing for students.
Milk and Cookies Blog – Over at the Milk and Cookies Blog, Amy is doing a wonderful job at homeschooling her son.  She stresses the importance of open communication and having some variance in the days so it feels less like “work” and more like learning.  She also encourages her son to get out of the house and learn through classes such as Tae Kwan Do and Chess.  For anyone interested in her methods she gives a great rundown of some of her favorite teaching items here.
Happy Housewife – Another great resource is the Happy housewife. If you click on her homeschooling tab at the top, she offers great suggestions for activities to reward children besides candy and sweets.  She also has a list of reviews for teaching materials that are commonly used by homeschooling parents and tutors.  In addition to all of these things, she is always doing giveaways and offering awesome coupons on things related to education and home teaching.
Scholastic Scholastic has more than just books, they also have this great resource for teachers and it is open on the web for anyone to use.   It includes printable work sheets, daily vocabulary words and helpful discussion topics with summaries for books that are available on the site. If you already know what books you are planning to use, just search in the lesson plan finder on the side and see what related topics or books might make a great accompaniment.
PBS Teachers – The last great resource to share is from the all knowing PBS and their section for teachers online.  They offer such a wide variety of resources; it’s hard to name them all! There are discussion topics and activity ideas for each age level broken down into easy to understand categories.  There are also fun widgets on topics like biology and health to read through and share if you have a website or just to use as a simple and quick refresher.  The only catch with this site is that you must sign up to access most of the content, but sign ups are open to the public so everyone has access to this knowledge.
The most important thing to remember when educating any child is that they have the ability to learn anything they want, and if presented in the right way they will appreciate the teaching that much sooner.  I hope you enjoy this list of resources and that the children you teach can always learn a little more.