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Writing Advice for College Students
We at First Graduate believe that a college degree is the best way to break the cycle of poverty within families, build a productive, educated workforce, and foster an engaged and active citizenry.
Our work aims to break down the barriers so that every student has the chance to succeed.
Part of our success involves empowering students to envision themselves as college students, and create a college-going mindset.  One way that we do this is through College Visits.
Every spring and fall our team tours colleges with high school seniors. This is often the only chance these first-gen college students have to visit a college campus before they make school selections for applications in the spring. Recent visits have included USF, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona & more. You can view photos from our past college tours here <link:>.
And, we are excited to be among the organizations chosen in the GOOD & Microsoft Citizenship “Give For Youth” contest specifically to fund and make it possible to send first-generation youth on College Visits <>!
In addition to College Visits, we work with students and their families, coaching and guiding them through the appropriate academic and financial systems to make them competitive candidates for great universities. Students receive year-round academic instruction, tutoring and support; high school and college counseling; mentoring; family engagement activities; career exploration activities; and access to college scholarships.
We also equip our students with non-cognitive skills so they can navigate the complex environments they may face in college, their careers and the world.
Our aim to break down the barriers so that every student has the chance to succeed. Making college an attainable reality for all will create a ripple effect that will transform families, our communities and country.
Thank you for your vote!  Remember the contest ends on Friday, March 1st at Noon PST.  You can learn more about First Graduate, and our work in San Francisco at