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The beauty of any interior theme is that you get ample scope to personalize it to lend it your signature touch. So, for example, if you want to infuse farmhouse charm, you can own it completely by leaving your impression on this. Usually, farmhouse décor tends to be fuss-free with muted tones like whites and neutrals. But it doesn’t have to lack color. You can edit your choices thoughtfully while sticking to the main spirit of the interior concept. It will be better to start with the features that can strongly influence your home’s look.

For example, you can focus on countertops, tiles, floors, and others. You can play with warm and cool tones to create a visual balance. Some popular warm shades include subdued red, yellow, and pale cream, while lighter shades of green, blue, and gray are more about the cold effect. These colors can help set the tone for the overall color scheme. If you worry about the clash with your interest, you don’t need to stop. Instead, utilize the mix of different color temperatures to maintain an equal amount of warmth and coldness. Suppose you want to play with gray and beige. In that case, greige can come in handy to do justice to any palette. 

Anyway, here are some suggestions for various sections to make the farmhouse theme a success. Let’s delve into them.


Do you use a farmhouse bowl for kitchen island? Certain things can be easy to decide when it comes to reviving a theme. To be precise, when you aim for farmhouse-style décor, you may instinctively go with the choice of apron front sink, stainless steel appliances, etc. There doesn’t have to be any confusion because these can effortlessly exude rustic charm without coming across as dated. However, choosing a paint color might not be so simple unless you are confident about what you want to do and how. But, then, the choice can depend a lot on the function and expectation from a particular spot. Hence, it can be better to study this factor a bit.

To give the context, you would be aware that the kitchen has been the center of attention in farmhouse themes for being the most practical corner of the house. So, you have to make your farmhouse kitchen look hardworking yet visually charming. Once you achieve your goal with this section, you will not face any challenges with other corners. 

Some experts believe that white walls and countertops along with muted gray-blue cabinets can create an exciting vision. Plus, your stainless steel appliances can also sit there nicely. Or, you can shift to earthy tones of warmer mushroom shades too. In addition, lower and upper cabinets can wear different hues. As for accents, you can avoid or skimp on this. Besides, the island can be a shade or two lighter than cabinets to give a sense of dimension to the room.


Farmhouse bathrooms are famous for their modest and straightforward appearance. But it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Whether you design a master ensuite or tiny powder room, you can make them crisp with clean white finishes with a dash of patterns or pleasant colors. For example, you can imagine infusing flower designs, stripes, and checks; if you wish to go bold with your theme, select floor tiles in a black and white combination. It can offer massive relief from ordinary penny and hex tiles. However, you can remove the edginess of black a bit more with light pink walls. Just add brass and black frames sparingly on or near the walls to make your bathroom extra attractive.

Some homeowners use regular American-style bath in navy and white color in the background of flattering buffalo plaid to create a focal point. And to balance everything again, they use bright white wainscot. It stands out for its contemporary feel. Besides, maintaining a broad wainscot with a semi-gloss surface is not a task at all. Hence, you may also appreciate something like this in your private space. Or, if you don’t like this material, you can paint the wall with your preferred color. Then, you can also use natural wood accents and furniture to tap into a bit of an industrial vibe. Wood stains like deep walnut and driftwood can never go wrong with farmhouse idea.

Living and dining rooms

There cannot be anything else than the color that can define a farmhouse theme better. With earth tones, blues, and greens, you can achieve a lot in these spaces. For example, chairs in spring green shade against the neutral walls of the dining area can have a perfect presence.  You can use black accents through benches and window trims to round off the look. However, when you play with light or dark tones, you must check their effect on a smaller section before going in full swing. It will also help you understand how it would impact the lighting quality of the room.

As interior designers say, lower-value colors like deep green and charcoal tend to soak more light. As a result, they give your room a moody and comforting vibe. Anyway, these are not the mainstay of farmhouse décor. Still, it will be best to consider them for their dramatic impact. Furthermore, if it is a well-lit room, you can pick saturated colors for walls or a few sections. These wouldn’t make your area gloomy.

Sometimes, you don’t need to do much to create a specific interior theme. The wall paint and surrounding accents take care of everything. If you don’t have much budget and time, you can start with transforming the color of your house. After this, you can focus on other things. To be precise, as you know, a farmhouse sink can be the hallmark of a typical farmhouse design. So you can replace your old model with this. Plus, you can introduce metal and distressed wooden items at different places to elevate the rustic charm; like this, you can go on making more minor changes to pull together the final look of your imagination.