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Do you love working with others, innovating new and strategic plans, and watching those plans develop into a thing of beauty? If so, it sounds like teaching could be right up your alley. Everyone at some point has had a teacher that gave him or her more inspiration than the others and maybe even contributed to what you are doing in your life today. This is the goal of every teacher, and what if you could be the person to make that type of impact on a person’s life? While there are tons of different reasons to become a teacher, below you will discover some of top reasons that most people get into the field.

Job Security With A Solid Paycheck

It is true that you will not become rich right away as a teacher, but the starting salaries are not bad when you factor in all the vacation time that you get. In addition to this, there are tons of advancement opportunities and you can always take night classes during the evening hours to further your education, which will result in more pay. Plus, you hardly ever hear of teachers getting fired, unless they do something majorly wrong like hitting or sleeping with a student.

Travel Opportunities

Believe it or not, just holding a teaching degree opens up many doors of opportunities. In fact, many international countries are looking for English teachers with a degree. By accepting a travel-teaching job, you will have the opportunity to explore new cultures, meet new people and visit an international country that you would have otherwise not been able to do.

Travel jobs also provide teachers with an opportunity to save money, because in most cases the contract company will pay for the room and board expenses. This will allow you to put more money into a saving account for later use. A decent life insurance policy will be a necessity, since you are traveling into unfamiliar territory. Click here to learn more about life insurance.

Great Working Hours

When you really think about it students are only in school for around six hours a day. Of course, you might spend a little longer grading papers and preparing the next day’s lesson, but at the end of the day, as a teacher you are going to spend much less time in the office as compared to a corporate or office job. Sometimes nursing jobs and office jobs require longer hours in the office and overtime, which leaves little time for the family, but this is something that you will hardly ever have to worry about when becoming a teacher.

Of course, there might be times when you have to tutor, or stay late for detention, but these times will be very far, few, and in between.

Save On Child Care Expenses

If you do have a family, or one day plan on having a family, you won’t have to worry about hiring a nanny or putting your child in daycare once they start school. Your schedule will almost synch perfectly with your child’s schedule and you will be able to be home during the same hours of your child. You would truly be surprised at just home much money this will save you over time.

Exploring Your Passion

Whether you choose to venture into history, math, or English, you are probably going to choose a subject that you are passionate about. This means that you get to work with a subject that you are passionate about everyday, get others to find that same passion, and even explore more opportunities to learn something yourself.