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Over the years we have had some great success with what we have termed SEO Super Pages! These pages have a ridiculous amount of hits on a particular day. Below is a list of the high volume pages for 2017.


Summer Blogs for Moms & Dads

Jokes for Special Days of the Year

June Advertising

Twitter Account of the Day: June 2017:

June Jokes for Kids:

Top June Pages

June Hashtags

June 2nd: #NationalDonutDay (National Donut Day Jokes & Donut Jokes for Kids) Awesome for donut companies. (3K views on this day)
June 3rd: #NationalTrailsDay (Hiking Jokes: National Trails Day Jokes): A great account for hiking resources.
JUNE : Father’s Day Package: Father’s Day Jokes for Kids
Flag Day Jokes: Make us an offer!

June 21st: Summer Solstice: Summer Solstice Jokes #SummerSolstice

July Jokes for Kids

July Hashtags: A great way to capitalize on Special Days of the year!


Current Specials

#1 Viewed Page: 180 School Jokes: When we saw the google analytics for this we really found a hidden gem. It happens to be the 1st page listing on a google search for “school jokes.” We are offering summer special of 3 months for $30. It is the #1 page for 2017. It was the #1 page for 2016 with 58,000 views. It is on track to beat that number in early summer.

The Last Day of School: Jokes for the Last Day of School (May – June): Cost $25 from start date until April 30, 2018. This is a fabulous chance to connect with parents and teachers during the final days of the school year. The great thing about America, is that this special event last several weeks. A smart business can reach all 5o states with careful planning. High traffic period May (Top 5 May Page) & June (views TBD).
#1 Google Search Page (Looking for Sponsor for 2017) & Top June Page
Memorial Day Jokes: This is an ideal way to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend and share your website. The cost of a banner ad for the 10 months on this page is a super-low rate of $15. Your ad will remain on the page until May 1st, 2018. If interested email mark@mytowntutors dot com. (The cost is only $15  because this is the 1st time we are offering special day advertising. For $15, what do you have to lose?)
Summer Jokes: The summer jokes special involves placing a banner advertisement on 3 different pages. There will be a ton of traffic during the summer months. For just $30 a month, you will be introduced to thousands of visitors.

Sports Jokes

May Events Days

May 4th: Star Wars Jokes for Kids (May 4th 600+ views / May views: TBD / 365 day TBD)
May 5th: Cinco De Mayo: Cinco De May Jokes for Kids: 6,000+ views on May 5th. If you are marketing to Cinco De May fans or have a special promotion. This is an ideal page for you!


Special Days

March 14th: Pi Day 101 Pi Day Jokes: (March 14th views: 15,000 + / March views: 23,000+ / 365 day 50,000+)
May 4th: Star Wars Jokes for Kids (May 4th 600+ views / May views: TBD / 365 day TBD)
May 5th: Cinco De Mayo: Cinco De May Jokes for Kids (May 5th views: 15,000 + / May views: TBD / 365 day 50,000+)
Mothers’ Day Jokes for Kids
October 23rd: Mole Day 101 Mole Day Jokes (October 23rd views: 3,000 + / October views: 7,000+ / 365 day 14,000+)

Special Pages

180 School Jokes Start Your Day with a Smile: (2017: Top 10 Page) (75,000+ view in last year)
Electoral College by State: Highest to Lowest: (2017: Top 10 Page) (55,000+ views in last year)
Teaching High School Psychology (2017: Top 10 Page) (15,000+ views in last year)

Sports Jokes

  1. Softball Jokes (#1 Google Search / 14,000+ views)
  2. Basketball Jokes: Top Basketball Jokes (2017: Top 10 Page) (#1 Google Search / 13,000+ views)
  3. Top Baseball Jokes: Baseball Jokes for Kids (2017: Top 10 Page) (#1 Google Search / 12,000+ views)
  4. Lacrosse Jokes: (2017: Top 10 Page) (#1 Google Search / 10,000+ views)