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For anyone to succeed, the first and most essential prerequisite is confidence. If you stay confident, then you can assure to achieve all your targets on time. In the workplace, there are primarily two types of employees. Firstly those who are always ready to share their ideas and taking up new assignments. Secondly, some have a lot of doubt and fear and are unable to take up risks. 

In both cases, one thing that is important and unavoidable is building up the confidence required to get good results. Eric Dalius tries to throw light upon the importance of avoiding conviction, killing beliefs and values that may cause restrictions in your journey towards success.

The different types of confidence killers that you may find in any workplace

• The perfectionist: some people suffer from high performing obsession. These high performing individuals often create pressures on themselves to attain unrealistic, ridiculous, and undefined goals. In achieving the goals, if they face any discrepancy, it hurts their motivation altogether. People are born with different types of strengths as well as weaknesses. Each time you fail to achieve your target, you should ask yourself whether you have given full effort or not. Always remember one thing that you are a human being and not a machine. According to Eric J Dalius, humanity in you should never go avoided no matter what.

• The micromanager boss’s role: by being a micro-managed person,you may feel that your seniors are not good enough. They do not like being dictated by their bosses. There is a feeling that you cannot do anything wrong. Here there is a role of fear underneath this behavior. These individuals are self-obsessed. Also, these individuals may cause insecurities in you in the long run. Their self-obsession becomes a cause of cutting down on your confidence level to a large extent.

• Any disengagement: one of the fundamental reasons a person may feel disconnected from the work is by resorting to results for which they do not have the necessary skills. Every individual is born with different abilities and talents. Your effort should be to channelize your abilities in the right direction. Your only target is to optimize and maintain your attitude towards the right kind of performance. Any disengagement at work may become detrimental to your career.

• The fear of failing: failure is one of the primary reasons people do not take up assignments when offered. It is this fear that holds the individual from giving their 100% in the workplace. According to EJ Dalius, you will have to make efforts to overcome your fear of failure to excel in the workplace.

To grow in your respective field, you will have to channelize your effort to beat all these kinds of confidence killers in the workplace. You will have to come out of your comfort zone and take every possible step to achieve your target. This involves taking risks which will make your business successful