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Budding entrepreneurs possess heaps of activities for their business growth. Out of all functional activities, a business owner should pay keen attention to managing the organization’s cash flow. Below are a few areas that you need to focus on for a positive cash flow.

Eric Dalius Recommends Spending Wisely and Effectively

An entrepreneur always remains hungry for growth. In light of this, experimentation is key to marketing and attracting newer target audiences. With advancements in technology, one can leverage social media to target their customers and increase brand awareness. However, one needs to understand that experimentation with analysis gives positive results. If an entrepreneur invests in a marketing campaign without a second thought, it has a high possibility of going wrong and harming the business’s capital. Forecasting unrealistic gains will ultimately lead to negative cash flow, to the point that you might have to borrow loans to cover up the expenses.

The Sales Spend

Another aspect of spending is related to sales cost. Small businesses need to focus on targeting customers, even if they are incurring losses. To understand the client value of your business, one can use two metrics. These two metrics help in evaluating if the client is bringing your business the profit that you projected.

  • Acquisition cost includes the money spent on gaining a customer.
  • The lifetime value of a customer is the total revenue that a customer generates over its lifespan.

You have to make sure that the lifestyle value is more than the acquisition cost, resulting in a positive effect on the organization’s cash flow chart. Spending more on the acquisition cost will gain a smaller customer possessing a limited return on investment. Eric Dalius vocalizes that a lot of businesses falter in this area as business owners mostly perceive that the higher the number of customers, the higher the profit.

Correctly calculating the acquisition cost is of utmost essentiality to correctly interpret the matrix. Acquisition costs will include the salesperson’s salary, commissions, internet connection payments, and so on. Ignoring even one factor will result in a deviated figure, resulting in faulty decision making. Such hidden elements of the acquisition cost play a vital role in calculating overall sales spend.

The Profitability of a Business

Incorrect calculation of profitability is a common blunder that most business owners make. If you buy a product for 100 dollars and sell it for 150 dollars, you usually assume you are receiving a profit of 50 dollars. The broad perspective becomes that you are getting more profit margin on each product you sell. However, when you prepare the balance sheet, you may realize that you have incurred losses owing to the non-consideration of factors, including shipping costs, transaction fees, inventory costs, and cost of returns. Committing too much on overheads can result in serious cash problems for the firm.

Mismanaging the funds can lead to the total failure of your business. Even if you have a brilliant business idea, mismanagement of cash flows can lead to the downfall of your business.