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Social media is a large community, and most of us are a part of it in various ways. Being an ardent user of Instagram and Facebook, we could not have ignored the abrupt rise in advertisements and campaigns that we encounter scrolling through our feed. Facebook ads are a unique method to convert watchers into probable customers. So, go for a reliable Facebook video editor, which has vast and easy to use features to create great Facebook ads.

Defying the myths about ‘who clicks on these ads?’ or ‘who watches them?’ statistics have shown that people do click on these ads, and there has been tremendous growth in business that uses this platform correctly and creatively. Let’s quickly have a look at what is Facebook ad manager and then understand how an effective Facebook ad campaign can be set up.

All about Facebook ad manager

Facebook has provided businesses with an effective platform where numerous brands promote their products and services in video formats. These videos are usually made interesting and short to catch the attention of the online users. Customization as per the needs of the owner is possible. Invideo provides various templates to choose from. It is an application that provides various Facebook ad templates.

Facebook ads manager allows users to create and edit promotional Facebook campaigns over different advertising platforms generally maintained by Facebook. It helps to design, manage, and track the performance effectiveness of the advertisement. The design of the tool makes it user-friendly by beginners as well.

Nowadays, several start-ups, first try to influence the user by spreading awareness through the social media platform. Facebook, which is one of the largest online multi-level sharing platforms, provides their user an auspicious facility of creating their ad and providing several automated templates to make it effective in many ways.

Let’s take a look at various practices that will help in creating an effective Facebook ad campaign.

Catchy title

It must be chosen wisely because of the very simple fact that the obligation of the title is much more significant than its description. The title behaves as a screamer that perceives the contended spirit of remarkable and distinct characteristics of an ad.

The awareness provided by it could result in a massive increment of clicks at an immense level. And one must be cautious and intelligent enough to choose a very precocious phrase to make an ad purposeful.

Interesting offers

Put an offer that one cannot refuse on viewing. Anticipate the necessity of it through desired and useful manners. Make the ad engaging. The viewer will see till the end to know exactly what the product and its offers are all about.

Be very sure about the authenticity of offers

Have a complete strategy to influence the mob of the authenticity of the offers being given. Making sure that a considerable number of gifts are being distributed in just having following through the ad. It can be effective for the upcoming business. E.g., declare a free entry lucky draw to boost the number of buyers.

Know your target audience

If your campaign is about a marathon, make sure it reaches the athletes. If the awareness campaign is about a college campus, try to make it reach to users of age bandwidth 16-55. The more correct your audience is, the more fruitful your result will be.


Be very clear about your objective. The campaign ad should be very straight and convince your audience to view your deal. Don’t waste time discussing unnecessary matters and directly get to the point as soon as possible.


There is an inbuilt requisite in a Facebook ad campaign where one can use the indigenous, innovative templates for decorating their ad. Virtual graphics are the most valuable key, providing a visionary way of perceiving the representation in a more explanative nature.

You can also try making a silent video because, due to various reasons, most of the ads are viewed in ‘mute’ mode. The ad should speak volumes about its content and message through visuals and not rely much on sound.

Provide options for further communication

Many times, there are no contact details mentioned in the ad. So, suppose if there are no contact details in the video ad, it will be difficult for the crowd to further enquire about the offer even if he/she liked it.

Many more disadvantages will come along if it would not be shared more rightfully.  

Use visuals

Effective ads convey their message as early as possible and are very short, specific, and to the point.

Make sure that the image contains less than 20% text, or else Facebook will show your ad to fewer people.

Using a video is another great option. Facebook has an autoplay feature that can make a user attentive to your ad, even if they don’t want to! All it needs to be is catchy enough. Also, the image and video used should be relevant to the product.

Don’t sound like an ad

Persuading people is not a good idea. The campaign has to make the user understand that it is for their good. Present it in such a way that users understand that it benefits them to click on your ad.


When a user goes to a website for the first time, it is very unlikely that they will make a purchase on that very visit.

Also, it might have been noticed that ones you view a specific product online, you start seeing them all over your feed. This is nothing but a fantastic way to retarget the audience to get them on board and make them purchase the product.

Re-targeting also covers your loyal customers. These people have already interacted with your product and have some reviews about it. Take their reviews into consideration and retarget them to make them your frequent customer. Provide them with special offers or coupons, which make them rethink about making another deal. It will be comparatively more effective as these customers don’t need an introduction to your products.