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Top Chemistry Jokes for Teachers!
We had a great guest blog: EdCamp: The Newest Force in Professional Development!
To help teachers connect with a local EdCamp, we are listing the EdCamp Twitter accounts by state!
@EdcampUSA (4.1K followers) We build and support a community of empowered learners. Tweets by Foundation Board and/or Social Media team members.
@EdcampLdr (2.3K followers) an unconference for #edleaders on K-12 issues & #edreform. Annual International event organized by @MCiLab. #edcampldr 2016 scheduled for 7-11-16. International…

California: Top 10 Twitter Accounts for California

  1. Edcamp LA @edcampla (.7K followers)
  2. @EdCampSV (711 followers)
  3. EdCamp Salinas @EdcampSalinas (.2K followers)
  4. @EdCamp_OC (162 followers)
  5. @EdCampFoxValley (181 followers)
  6. @edcampsgv (15 followers)