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Even though it is shown on the search console, Google doesn’t actually transfer the PageRank to such links. This fact has been officially confirmed by John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst on the August 15th edition of the #AskGoogleWebmasters. As per his confirmation as an answer to a specific query, John said that they don’t pass the PageRank even when you can see those on the Link Report of GSC

Quoting John Mueller “It still remains as a link; which users can access to reach to your site. In the Search Console, we are showing such links along with other similar links connecting to your website. In a similar way, if you are using disavow links tool, such inks may no longer pass any signals, but will appears as the same in Links Report at Search Console.”

For the SEOs, misunderstanding this nature of the links which are still there on Link Report may end up in getting an incorrect interpretation of PageRank and inadequate assessment of the SEO performance of the site. With this latest information, the SEO specialists need to know the value of the DoFollow as well as NoFollow links and the impact of them in SEO.

DoFollow and NoFollow links

As you start a new site or blog, the plan you have in mind is to bring it onto the top SERP position. However, this is not so easy to accomplish and also cannot be done overnight. One important aspect of ensuring better ranking for your website is the need to build quality links before starting to see any positive results.

While one is into link building activity for SEO, the crucial knowledge to have is that all links out there aren’t equal. Some quality backlinks may be given you more value than 100 other low-quality links in terms of Google search.

So, in SEO, all the links needed to be classified into Dofollow links and Nofollow links. Here in this article, we will cover some primary things about these and the worthiness of each in terms of SEO activities.

Dofollow links and SEO value

The Dofollow links are primarily HTML attributes used to let the search engine bots to crawl the links for ranking. If there is a webmaster link to any of your pages with Dofollow, then the crawlers will follow you and include in the listing. The link juice of Dofollow links will be passed on, and it could benefit your website to get ranked on top of the SERPs.

Google does take note of Dofollow links and can figure out the number of users linking to the page to understand how relevant the page is. The greater number of Dofollow links out there for your pages, the more value you get in terms of ranking. The best method of giving a follow link is to use the keyword as the anchor text. An example is as below:

While trying it, it’s important to note that getting Dofollow link from any random places is not ideal, but you should try to get it from any reputable site. For example, you have a link from CNN or the New York Times; then you have more reputation. Such relevant Dofollow links can help you enhance your PageRank by getting your pages more SEO points and boost the link juice to get your site ranked higher on SERP.  As advised by any New York SEO company, Credible Dofollow links work as votes for creditability at Google

Nofollow links offering no SEO value

Just opposite to what Dofollow links do, the Nofollow links will not allow the search engine bots to follow the links marked. So, such links won’t pass the link juice to the search engines through crawlers. So, only human web users can follow such links and not search engines. So, Nofollow links may not have any positive or negative impact on your Page Rank and no SEO value. Nofollow tag is an instruction for the search engine not to consider a link for search engine consideration.

As we have seen, Nofollow links may not pass link juice; however, it can still help the website owners to get more traffic to the site through the linked pages. If you are into web development or website administration, then you may have come across Nofollow rel tag many times. If you use this HTML tag, you are not harming your website in any way, and the search engines also value these tags and respect them. Below is al example for Nofollow tag.

Even though the bots crawl the Nofollow tab, it is good for boosting your SEO. The webmasters tend to use this tag in order not to follow the un-trusted or low-value content. They may be like forums, paid links, comments on the blog, and other types of unsolicited content.

Nofollow link benefits on SEO

While strategizing for SEO, one must have a diversified approach to it. Along with Dofollow links which have a direct impact on SEO, Nofollow link is also important to build your link profile. If maybe suspicious if all given inbound links are marked as Dofollow, which not a natural approach. So, you need to maintain a fine balance between Dofollow and Nofollow to get the best results. A fine mix of Nofollow with Dofollow links will give you a positive influence on SEO.

In a real-time scenario, any link can get traffic. The top-quality links are an ideal gateway to your website and get a good amount of traffic through it. On the other hand, if you maintain some Nofollow links on Google blog or Wikipedia, it doesn’t mean that these links are of low quality and vice versa. Such traffic from Nofollow will allow you to get more engagement and leads and may also get some Dofollow link through these. Getting more links through social media is an ideal way to spread awareness about your business and products. So, it is ideal to get such links from the most authentic websites as well as social media platforms which can attract more traffic to your pages.

So, the moral of the story is that one shouldn’t think that link is only for SEO, but you should also think about some links which could benefit your business in other ways too. Explore links which may increase the rand authority as well as building website trust.

Author Bio:Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.