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April Jokes: Family-Friendly April Jokes

Top Psychology Jokes

  1. Why did the gingerbread man go to the doctors?… He was feeling crummy. (Christmas Jokes & Christmas Trivia)
  2. If an athlete gets athlete’s foot, what does an astronaut get?…Missile Toe! (Christmas JokesChristmas Trivia / Sports Jokes A – Z)
  3. What do you call a person who is afraid of Santa Claus?… Claustrophobic. (Christmas JokesChristmas Trivia)
  4. When does a doctor get mad?… When he runs out of patients!
  5. Why did the pillow go to the doctor?… He was feeling all stuffed up!
  6. Why did the doctor lose his temper?… Because he didn’t have any patients!
  7. Where does a boat go when it’s sick?… To the dock!
  8. What did on tonsil say to the other tonsil?… Get dressed up, the doctor is taking us out!
  9. Did you hear the one about the germ?… Never mind, I don’t want to spread it around.
  10. Why did the computer go to the doctors?… It had a virus.
  11. What falls but never gets hurt?… The rain! (Spring Jokes)
  12. Why did the cookie go to the hospital?… He was feeling really crumby!
  13. What does a pig put on a cut?… Oinkment
  14. Why was Santa’s little helper sad?… He had low elf esteem! (Christmas JokesChristmas Trivia)