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The dynamism of the business world demands every participant of this industry change for the better, consistently. If you have stagnated, you are out of the industry, be it an associate of a multi-national company or a chief executive officer of a start-up. The more you keep learning, the more you keep growing and developing, both as an employee or employer as well as an individual. There are four factors that shape every organization – volatility, ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty. These factors challenge both the organization as well as the associated people. As a ripple effect, the state of organizations also keeps changing for it to be agile and adaptive to the changing environment. It challenges the people to improve, grow and develop at a constant speed.

In today’s world, where time is extremely precious for one and all, taking out time for anything beyond the daily schedule is a daunting task. Internet, with its massive reach, allows trainers and trainees to be present on the same platform, despite being separated by physical distance. This advantage of the internet has given rise to online skill-building programs. Online courses to build and polish skills have allowed experts around the world to share their knowledge at any point in time, from anywhere, and at the pace of the trainee.

What is online skill building training?

Online Skill Build Training is a computer-based, distance learning system that doesn’t necessitate the trainer and trainee to be present in the same place. This system involves the use of a range of multimedia elements such as web links, audio, video, as well as graphics. All these elements are compatible with most of the internet-based devices, and you can access that through any internet browser.  

From an employee’s perspective, online training has many advantages. Whether you are traveling to work or returning home at the end of the day, whether you have a day off or you have taken a break during office, as an employee, you can enhance your skill sets relevant to your academic or professional background, at any point of time and your speed.


  • Unlike the traditional classroom training programs, online training platforms allow you to be in any position and in any location for undergoing training. Hence, the convenience of accessibility tops the list of advantages.
  • These programs help in forming teams with members located in different geographies. That allows the team members to learn from each other through collaboration and teamwork.
  • The interactive format-based pedagogy makes the e-learning programs more engaging and personalized. It makes the courses even more interesting for both the trainers and trainees.
  • Such a system is cost effective as it eliminates the cost of commute, setting up physical and technical infrastructure, documentation and administrative expenses, etc.  

The lack of face-to-face interaction and the risk of fake accreditations and certifications stand as major disadvantages, but the flexibility of e-learning programs far outweighs the loopholes. Be cautious about the genuineness of courses and dive in the ocean of knowledge!