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Students face a lot of problems every day. The most common issue is that students don’t have enough money both for studying and entertaining. However, such a problem can be solved since there are a lot of free or low cost services for students.

Thus, every student can use sheets and timetables, calculators, low cost education transcription services, writing services, tools for presentations and many other platforms. In this article we decided to review some of the best and most useful low cost education services for students. 


Students often have to work a lot with audio and video. And the most difficult and annoying thing is that there are a lot of recordings with low-quality audio or hard-to-understand dialects and words. However, nowadays it is not a problem with online transcription services. And is one of the best among them.

This company provides audio to text and video to text services for several years and has a perfect online reputation. With their team you can get help with:

  • transcription for listening tasks;
  • transcription for videos;
  • creating subtitles for your presentation;
  • transcribing recording of the lecture.

This list is almost non exhaustive. Each task that is connected with audio and video transcription can be delegated to the Transcriberry team. And the most pleasant thing is that their services are low-cost.

  • transcription services cost is $1.25 per minute;
  • translations are only $0.1 per word;
  • creating foreign subtitles is $3-7 per minute (depends on the language and text complexity).

So, whenever you need help with recordings to catch difficult words, contact Transcriberry and have a rest or take care about other tasks.


Do you ever think about creating a social network both for students and teachers? Edmodo has done it already. It is a free online tool that enriches online education. Here, students can do the following things:

  • create a schedule and add notifications;
  • track the activities and classes;
  • communicate in group chats.

And many others. Edmodo made student’s lives easier since it allocated all the necessary tools for remote education in one place.


Being a student you definitely have a lot of tasks to create presentations. Moreover, you might want to create it even if the professor didn’t oblige you to do this. And the thing that may bother you is that most of the tools have not enough functions to create interactive presentations in 2021.

However, Projeqt platform solves this problem. Except just creating slides, you can do the following things:

  • make each slide dynamic;
  • embed interactive maps and puzzles;
  • add videos;
  • add posts from social media.

With Projeqt it will be easier to create presentations and demonstrate them to your professor and groupmates. is the way out from non-functional notepads. Instead of just creating notes with a pen, you can make a kind of interactive board on your laptop. What’s more important, that such a tool makes your life easier since you spend less time on creating reports and documents.

  1. You have an organized online workspace, where you can store all of the documents and get access to them immediately.
  2. You can share links to documents with your professor or group mates to collaborate on the topic. 
  3. You can create smart tables to represent statistical data.

It is crucial that is free to use. Yet the functionality will be limited. If you want to get access to all the features, you have to pay only $12 per month.


Because of the pandemic, this tool is not new for most of the students and teachers. However, some people still don’t use it. Now is your time to change it since Zoom makes video calls better.

This platform has better servers and connections, so you can make group calls for 50 and more people. Also, you can share your screen to show documents, presentations, tables and reports.

What is more important is that the Zoom platform is very comfortable for making labs and creating designs in groups since you can share the screen and point out vital things.

The most attractive fact is that Zoom is free for everybody. The only thing you have to do is just to create an account and start your first conversation.


This tool became very popular since online education became something common. AASL even awarded this platform as the best for teaching and learning in 2020. Nonetheless, it is still a low-cost education tool. Here are the things that you can do with Elink:

  • share content;
  • create plans;
  • create lists of book recommendations;
  • share classes updates;
  • share homeworks.

With this online tool, you can forget about endless notepad files, filled up with tons of links to different sources. Elink allows you to organize the links, mark the most valuable and point out already used links.


This is a huge platform that is widely used in web-development, marketing, strategic planning and project managing. However, you can use it for learning as well.

Trello is an online kanban board that allows you to organize all the activity, from planning to reviewing and approving. Thus, you can create a TODO list, point to the most important things to do, add documents, monitor the time spent etc.

What is more important is that this platform can be connected to almost any online tool, from Google sheets and documents to different time trackers. And of course, you can plan not only the learning process, but the whole life just with one board.

It is crucial that Trello is free to use for individuals. You can also create small teams for free here. So if you need to cope with a lab work, research or any other task in a group, Trello may be the best choice for you.


Online education is a common thing nowadays. Except for online courses, many universities allow students to hold classes online. So it is the best time to start using different online tools and make your life easier.