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There is no denying that the present epidemic has put the world’s economies in jeopardy and that we are in the midst of a recession. So, are you prepared to deal with the worst-case scenario? Are you certain that your abilities will help you land your ideal job? You should definitely look into the certification courses available to MBA aspirants who want to have a bright future. Here are some courses that you can check out if you are an MBA aspirant:

  • Personality development:

Having an interview lined in your way is one of the many speed breakers that have you all nervous and acing these interviews is crucial for your future. Check out Personality Profiling Analysis with Performance by Design for the best one on one classes and coaching to improve your formal selves and ace all those interviews coming your way without hesitation. 

  • Social media marketing:

If you want to shape the dialogue surrounding your company, establish loyalty, and attract new consumers and partners, there are plenty of social media marketing certifications to choose from. Courses like Marketing Leadership, Blueprint Certification, Google Analytics IQ Certification, The Business of Social, and others will teach you how to create an inbound social media strategy by growing an advocate community, learning content marketing fundamentals, and social advertising fundamentals.

  • Chartered financial analyst:

This course is for you if you want to work in areas like Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Wealth Management, Research Analysis, or any other financial-based service. When it comes to placement or job search, an MBA student who focuses solely on passing level 1 can go a long way.

  • Women in leadership:

One of the most significant barriers women face in business education is the lack of tools and resources tailored specifically for women. Case Western Reserve University’s online women in leadership course are aimed to empower women in business and provide them with specific training in a male-dominated world. Furthermore, the course is designed to assist males in supporting women in the workplace. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of working in a gendered environment and provides practical training to assist overcome these obstacles.

  • Cryptocurrency technologies:

Understanding the potential of cryptocurrencies is at the heart of Princeton’s online course, which prepares students for an increasingly digitalized economy. The specialization is divided into four stages, with users learning about Bitcoin’s decentralization and dynamics, as well as how to store and use the currency.

  • Mastering data analysis on Excel:

Businesses now use big data and analytics to discover patterns, forecast behavior, and make decisions, far from the days of overflowing filing cabinets. Knowing how to use a spreadsheet will help you become a top-tier analyst in the twenty-first century! 

The popularity of online courses has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’re wanting to upskill, cultivate a new passion, or learn more about what a business degree has to offer, you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for a course since, no matter how efficient you are, every course has something to teach you.