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Coronavirus and the Influences on Industrial Cannabis

The consumption of cannabis light changed during the quarantine. From a study by Easyloint, a producer of legal cannabis, it is recorded that consumers in Italy have changed their habits.

The data collected show that 86% of consumers are aged between 25 and 55, plus 5% of consumers over 55.

Furthermore, the consumer of cannabis light is an adult, with an occupational status and who has undergone a significant change in their habits. In fact, before the lockdown in April he used to buy in specialized stores for convenience and to have more certainty about the products.

Where to buy cannabis light 

As in many other aspects, the lockdown has changed our daily habits and consumer purchasing methods, with a strong impact on the online sales market.

The light cannabis market has undergone a significant transformation, in fact, during January, consumers were divided into one half who bought in stores and the other half who bought online through specialized e-commerce. 

The safety protocols adopted have changed consumer habits by shifting their trust online, thanks to e-commerce specialized in the sale of light cannabis. The Cbdmania e-shop is confirmed as one of the top players in its market, thanks also to its vast and varied catalog of high quality CBD-based products.

Increased demand

The issues brought by COVID 19 have disrupted the routine of most industries. In fact, the CBD industry, both in Europe and in the UK, is facing a number of pre-existing challenges, which present themselves as excellent opportunities in establishing new realities.

Furthermore, the discomforts of the pandemic have brought the spotlight on topics such as health and immunity. And today, for various reasons, society’s major concerns are based on health and well-being, with the consequence of greater research into natural products and renewing interest in CBD.

The increase in requests for CBD products has been recorded dramatically on online channels and, in the UK and Europe, awareness of the increase in CBD customers is becoming an important first step. Furthermore, legislative change in some European countries is another key element. Both are driving a boom in the cannabis light industry.