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Top U.S. History Jokes & Constitution Jokes

  1. American Civil Liberties Union (@ACLU): This website has some great Constitution Day ActivitiesYou Got that RightBrain ScaleUSA Map, and many more! Guest Blog: Help Make Constitution Day a Federal Holiday
  2. National Constitution Center (@ConstitutionCtr): There is a great new interactive Constitution in addition to other Constitution Day activities.
  3. The Library of Congress (@librarycongress):  Constitution Day ResourcesThe Department of Defense (@DeptofDefense): Nice resources for Constitution Day.
  4. Edsitement (@EDSITEment): Celebrating Constitution Day & Constitution Day Duel.
  5. Bill of Rights Institute (@BRInstitute): Great resources including Constitution Day Lesson PlansConstitutional Principles Videos, &
  6. ICivics (@icivics): Some great interactives for Constitution Day, US History and Government classes.
  7. Center for Civic Education (@CivicEducation): Great lessons for all grade levels K – 12.
  8. U.S. National Archives (@USNatArchives): Celebrating Constitution DayINS (@USCIS):INS Citizenship Test
  9. Scholastic (@ScholasticTeach): The Constitution Game has the students match the statement with the following choices: the Preamble, Articles I – VII, the Bill of Right or Additional Amendments.
  10. The National Education Association (@NEAToday): The NEA has some great Constitution Day resources for grades K-56 – 89 – 12.