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With so many special days of learning, teachers need to be able to find some useful sites to provide lessons and ideas. Below are some great websites for Constitution Day with interesting and interactive lessons.
Enjoy! Check out the Hashtags of the Week!

  1. American Civil Liberties Union (@ACLU): This website has some great Constitution Day Activities: You Got that Right, Brain Scale, USA Map, and many more! Guest Blog: Help Make Constitution Day a Federal Holiday
  2. National Constitution Center (@ConstitutionCtr): There is a great new interactive Constitution in addition to other Constitution Day activities.
  3. The Library of Congress (@librarycongress):  Constitution Day Resources
  4. The Department of Defense (@DeptofDefense): Nice resources for Constitution Day.
  5. Edsitement (@EDSITEment): Celebrating Constitution Day & Constitution Day Duel.
  6. Bill of Rights Institute (@BRInstitute): Great resources including Constitution Day Lesson Plans, Constitutional Principles Videos, &
  7. ICivics (@icivics): Some great interactives for Constitution Day, US History and Government classes.
  8. Center for Civic Education (@CivicEducation): Great lessons for all grade levels K – 12.
  9. U.S. National Archives (@USNatArchives): Celebrating Constitution Day
  10. INS (@USCIS): INS Citizenship Test
  11. Scholastic (@ScholasticTeach): The Constitution Game has the students match the statement with the following choices: the Preamble, Articles I – VII, the Bill of Right or Additional Amendments.
  12. The National Education Association (@NEAToday): The NEA has some great Constitution Day resources for grades K-5, 6 – 8, 9 – 12.