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As you probably know, is a service that offers paper writing assistance to students in need all year round. Having acquired years of experience in this field, this agency has become a go-to service when students need professional expertise with their paper writing assignments. The company hires highly qualified experts who know how to help those dealing with the most complicated and under-researched issues. Yet, the team behind this service never stops improving which is the reason why they work really hard to continue impressing their customers with new features, user-friendly web design, excellent quality of services and the friendliest customer support service one can ever imagine. Here are the newest features you should pay attention to. 

What’s new? 

To begin with, the service covers it all now. Head over to and check out their updated order form. Apart from academic writing, you can now get expert help with programming and calculations. This is really cool as not that many services cover these subjects. Let’s take a look at each of these new features in detail. If you need help with tech assignments, select programming when filling out the order form. There’s a variety of disciplines to choose from including mobile applications development, data analysis and reports, web programming, 3D CAD modeling, computer networking and cyber security, as well as a few others. In addition, you can also specify whether you need to have any software used to get the task done. Feel free to choose any deadline between 4 hours and 14 days. There are different task sizes for your tech assignment depending on how difficult you consider it to be. Thus, you can select from small, medium, large and extra large. No matter which one you choose, you will definitely be provided with the source code and screenshots of outputs. Apart from that, you can also get a presentation, a brief report, and documentation among other things. 

If your assignment is all about problem solving, go for the calculations option while placing an order. Here is the list of disciplines covered in this respect:

  • Statistics
  • Aviation
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Astronomy
  • Physics and lots of others

Specifying the type of software you may need to be used is also possible at this stage. The variety of task sizes remains the same as well. However, depending on the task size, you can be provided with charts and diagrams, computations, detailed reports, and a presentation. The longest deadline for such type of assignment is 14 days. 

In case you missed it

There are a few other cool features has which you might have missed. First and foremost, keep in mind that you can always select the expert you want to work on the assignment for you. If you are in a hurry, the safest option is to go with the best available expert. This way, you will definitely get the sample on time, as well as be certain that the piece of writing will be superb. If you are looking for an expert with many years of experience in a certain field, go for the advanced writer. Should you need the highest-ranked expert in a certain subject, choose the writer who is in the top ten. Don’t forget that the option to get a native speaker to work on your assignment is always available. 

Speaking about additional services, there’s quite a lot to select from as well. For instance, you can make use of the smart paper feature and be provided not only with the paper itself, but also with the comprehensive analysis and detailed comments from the assigned writer in regards to your paper and the topic in question. In addition, you’ll also get personalized guidelines on how to improve your writing skills. As always, you are free to ask for a copy of sources the assigned writer has used while working on your assignment. You’ll receive links to scholarly articles and books that were cited in the paper. If you are not sure about the writer or simply want to get to know their writing styles better, the writers’ samples feature is exactly what you need. Take a look at their previously completed works and make an informed decision only after you’ve gathered all the relevant information. Finally, it is advisable to make use of the progressive delivery feature every time you need assistance with a big assignment. This way, you will be the one in control as you’ll be able to monitor the assigned writer’s progress and ask for revisions right away. What is more, you will receive your paper in parts which will give you plenty of time to look it through and decide whether you are happy with how it’s completed or not. This is a superb step-by-step approach when you need assistance with a complex assignment and want to make sure that everything is done in accordance with all specified requirements.